Penn State is now officially the most prestegious school with online RN-BSN program

  1. Just thought I'd point this out for fun. Of course, it really doesn't matter all that much where you get your BSN, as most employeers just want to see that you've got one, so I'm not knocking any other programs I just thought this little factoid was interesting.

    Anyway, to the extent that we can rely on US News & World Report to tell us what the best schools are, Penn State, at #47, is the highest ranked undergraduate institution to offer an online RN-BSN program. (yes, I sat there and went through the list and nobody above them in the "National Universities" category offers an online program.

    For the past 6 years, UNC-Chapel Hill held this distinction, but they just got rid of their online BSN program due to the budget problems in their state:

    The highest ranked NURSING SCHOOL currently offering an online BSN is the University of Illinois-Chicago, whose nursing program is ranked #11 in the country. But Penn State is the highest ranking school OVERALL that offers a BSN online, and I think that at the undergraduate level, overall reputation is more important than specific program reputation (graduate level is a different story, especially if you want to go into academia, but there are a ton of ultra-prestegious universities like Duke and UNC that offer online degrees at the Masters level and above).
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  3. by   Lisa1980
    cool to know. thanks for sharing the info!
  4. by   MsPC
    That is very interesting information. Thank you for sharing.
  5. by   WillRegNurse
    I've begun the PSU program and it's excellent. I'm so glad I found out about Penn State's RN BSN program.
  6. by   Fina11yKym
    * I LOVE PENN STATE =) I only have an LPN degree- so I need to do an LPN to RN program before I can do an RN to BSN program, which bites because I already have a degree in Psychology...but I grew up with Penn State and it has a GREAT reputation =) For those who have already been accepted to the PSU program online : did you find it was difficult to get in, was there a wait list and what do you think of the program.
    Thank you!

    Good Luck Everyone!