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well, i thought this thread might stick around a bit longer if the title was more obvious. so, i am posting my cpne experience here instead of "anticoag nurse passed the cpne"... i'll start with... Read More

  1. by   Flynurse007
    Thanks for your input. I am currenlty trying to find Pneumonics for the critical elements. I am trying to come up with some, but it seems the more I try the less creative I get!!! It is a bit frustrating. If anyone outthere knows of any good sites to search, please send me some info. THANK YOU!!!
  2. by   nurse1717
    I'd check out the nursing sites on Yahoo--rnstudyctr, rnstudygroup. Some of their files contain pneumonic samples. I went to a workshop and believe the pneumonics are copyrighted. Good luck.
  3. by   anticoagulationurse
    In the files I could send you there are tons of mneumonic ideas. I didn't go to any workshops and don't know the authorship of any of the others except the ones I made up for my own grid. The files include LOTS of info from former students preparing for the CPNE, as well as some of my own. There are exampls grids, do's and don'ts, general tips, case examples like the ones in the CPNE Study guide to practice with, nursing Dx and care planning stuff... etc.
  4. by   Flynurse007
    I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE THAT! I am taking a workshop next week and would like to at least commit some to memory before the workshop.. WOuld you mind sending them to my e-mail?
  5. by   lawsonnic
    I passed the cpne over new years eve weekend with no repeats. It was my second attempt. I failed because of nerves and stupid mistakes the first time. You must no the critical elements to pass. This and controlling the nerves are keys to passing. Write your critical elements out for the labs and the pcs's. Make sure you look at them. It is so easy to miss something.
    Just because you do something everyday in your job doesn't mean much at the cpne. I failed the whole cpne the first time because of insulin and I do this everyday. I did not id the patient and the second time I forgot my gloves. nerves and not looking at the pneumonics for the critical elements that I had written out before I started.
    When you are there, concentrate on yourself and nobody else. This is your exam and whether the others are passing or not can influence your passing or failing.

    Any questions feel free to email me.
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  6. by   Joye0711
    Congrats on your passing! I am soooo jealous. I am just now turning in my application for the CPNE and would love the additional information that you have from your experience. Thanks for all of your help.
  7. by   JKohler
    Hi where are you choosing to go for the CPNE? I can't decide where I want to go. I live in TExas but am leaning towards Racine, Wisconsin. Any suggesting from anyone whose recently taken the CPNE on sites?
  8. by   Joye0711
    Hi...just wanted to let you know that two of my friends have passed in Wisconsin. I think it was the Racine testing site but I am not sure. I haven't heard anything about the Tx testing sites. Do you know how long the wait is for Wisconsin? Just curious...
  9. by   anticoagulationurse
    Alright. I get lots of PMs with people requesting me to send them the files without providing their personal email addresses. Please don't post your request for the files or address in this thread.

    1) It's against the rules to post your email and
    2) if you don't PM me with the request I probably won't see it, as I don't view this thread very often. I check my allnurses PMs about twice a week, so there may be a delay in me getting you the files, hopefully not too long.:wink2:

    So if you want the files I will need you to PM me and provide your personal email address. I have it all set up in my Outlook and cannot send it to/through your allnurses account (too big, cannot attach files, etc.) I promise I won't stalk you or use your personal email address in any other way than to send you the files.

    When you receive the email from me, there is a bunch of stuff in the body of the email as well as 22 file attachments of various .doc, .wps, .pdf, .txt, .whatever types. Depending on what file formats your computer supports, you may or may not be able to view them all. I would recommend you put 50 sheets of paper in your printer, open the email, print the body and then open and print each file attachment. That will be the easiest way to dig through all the info.

    Best wishes in your CPNE prep!
  10. by   peaparamedic
    I passed the CPNE over New Year's weekend on my first attempt at Mansfield, OH. I echo everything "anticoag" has said.

    I would emphasis knowing the critical element pnemonics perfectly and practice gridmaking before you test. I bought a lab skills kit with wound and practiced those as well.

    During the test, I had pain magt, respiratory management. Peripheral vascular, IV med administration and IV piggyback antibiotics.

    I attended CHE in San Jose CA in June 06 and very likely wouldn't have passed without it. It really brought care plans and grids into focus. Invaluable for a Paramedic.
  11. by   Dixiecup
    Quote from Nascar nurse
    Congrats on passing the worst test anyone can take... well almost, you still have to get thru NCLEX. I am usually very self confident as well and was also suprised to find myself a "nervous wreck" for the CPNE (and NCLEX). BUT - how about the trip home, knowing YOU PASSED! What a morale boost, huh? I remember feeling like I could conquer the world!

    I don't necessarily agree tho about the CE asking "have you completed all the critical elements for blah, blah, blad" It's been 2 years for me, but if I recall - they asked me that question after everything? I could be mixed up - just don't want someone else to freak out if they are asked this, but yet sure they have completed all the steps. Otherwise, great advice. At least 80% of this test is stress management. Good for you!

    They asked me that question after each PCS and I passed the first three in a row.
  12. by   ICURN2004
    i passed the CPNE after the third time... i felt like such a freak for having to take it 3 times, but the first one i walked out of, 2nd one the nerves just got to me, less than the first time though and the third i had to pass because it was the wall of opportunity that i ran in to. i had to do it.... now that i look back and read others experiences.
    1. control your anxiety... you have too.
    2. AGREE- watch your CE.... they do give you hints, time and they want to see you succeed. i do believe that they were required every time to ask if you have completed blah blah blah. so dont let that scare ya.

    laughing i would also suggest BREATH and dont get frustrated enough to walk out... it is too expensive, but if you do... use that as part of your practice it will help next time.

    RESULTS- i aced the NCLEX (which i thought was easy because of having taken the excelsior test) they are very simuliar. i am now an RN in the medical intensive care, making more money than i thought that i would. and the best thing is it is all over

    good luck to all.
  13. by   anticoagulationurse
    Thought I would clarify on the "Have you completed all the critical elements..." thing. Yes, they did ask me this at the END of each PCS, but the only time they asked me DURING a specific area of care in the PCS was when I had forgotten a critical element and was about to fail because of it. They have to ask at the conclusion of the PCS, but I suspect that during the PCS she would have said nothing if I was right on track with that checklist she kept looking at. That's the way the rest of the PCS's worked for me, so that's what I am basing that on. Don't mean to be misleading.

    Congrats to so many of you on PASSING the evil beast! Job well done.