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well, i thought this thread might stick around a bit longer if the title was more obvious. so, i am posting my cpne experience here instead of "anticoag nurse passed the cpne"... i'll start with... Read More

  1. by   LIZ31
    While "filling in" as a Nurse Manager initially for about a month, our facility had a state survey (of course) which everyone had expected. We did fine on state survey even being short staffed. What we did not expect was that about two weeks later..federal surveyors walked in! I persoanally had never heard of federal survey at the time. I was passing meds because the day nurse had called in. I had to do what was necessary and pass meds as well as Manage the Unit with care conferences etc. I was beside myself for a split second when I was told Federal surveyors were there. I had only been filling in for Nurse Manager for a couple weeks!
    Of course they wanted to see me passing meds which was fine. Then...they wanted to see me do My wound rounds (a duty of Nurse Manager) My floor had the worst wound in the facility.
    I asked an RN to come in to assist, (she was the in service educator) I washed my hands as I always do, kept myself as calm as possible and did very well I thought.
    At the end of the survey they commented on the wound care I had given In the exit. I was so relieved! The way I will approach the CPNE when it comes time will be with the same nervousness I am certain. However, I feel like alot of us as nurses have had to deal with very stressful situations all along, and we draw from those experiences and learn to adapt and do what is necessary to get things done in a caring, professional manner.
    Not saying I will not be nervous, I definately will. All I am saying is that we are always watched over at different times in our jobs, by people looking for us to do something wrong. Take a deep breath, provide good quality care to your patient, and walk away having done your best.
    I will study and go to a workshop. I have quite a distance to go before I get to my CPNE and i appreciate all the feedback on other peoples experiences with the clinical weekend.
    God willing, the end result will be a positive one from the CE.
  2. by   kdsharp
    I feel certain that if you can handle that situation with no warning that the CPNE will be a breeze for you!
  3. by   LIZ31
    Thanks, I will put my faith in God, and study, study, study! Then give it my best. :wink2: So sorry for your loss, It had to be a very difficult time for you on top of school. You made it, and I'm happy for you.
    Congrats to you passing it your first time, Thats Great!
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  4. by   Queenbee01
    Thank you for the brief layout to the CPNE..that gives me an ideal, I thought this was three d..a..y...s, like all day. That made me nervous.
  5. by   nursingstudent1231
    could you send me cpne info
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  6. by   Nursechichi
    Quote from anticoagulationurse
    How to PM me:
    Click on my name top left corner of each posting. Choose the second option, "Send a private message to ..." The rest should be self explanatory.
    Hello, anticoagulationurse, please I would really love you to send me those files but I don't have a way of sending you a private message, is it possible for you to send me a private message so that I can send you my email address?, I would really appreciate that kind of help please it's at all possible for you. Thanks a lot!
  7. by   AFQN
    Hello. How are you all? I've been reading this post and have noticed that anticoagulationnurse hasn't responded in a while but thought to ask anyone here who could please send me a copy of her notes. I would really appreciate her notes and the 22 file attachments regarding her CPNE experience. I'm far from the CPNE stage but I feel as if I got a hand of something, it will keep me confident and my fears at bay.

    Thank you in advance for anything you have to offer. Please let me know who to PM my e-mail address cause I know it's against allnurses' policy to post one's e-mail address on here.

    Thank you.
  8. by   kdsharp
    Hi, all! I don't have any files, but would be happy to give you a breakdown of my CPNE experience. It may take me a few days to get it all together, but I passed last July, first try. It's not complicated, but there's a lot of information that is out there to help you. I'd be happy to give you my experience, and I agree that knowing some of what you can expect will go a long way in alleviating a lot of the fear! You might also check on Yahoo, there's a group that I belonged to throughout my Excelsior journey called "nontradnurses" and those members were invaluable to me.

    Keep watching, I'll get you a detailed description soon!
  9. by   RNFinally12

    congrats on passing. i would love to get a copy of your notes, but your inbox is full and you can no longer except new messages.

    thank you,
  10. by   AFQN
    Thank you kdsharp! I would really appreciate it.
  11. by   Pixie.RN
    I don't believe anticoagulationurse sends out her notes any longer. She hasn't been very active on the site in a while. I suggest these:
  12. by   AlvinYork
    I too would appreciate it if kdsharp would send me his insights on the CPNE. Also, if anyone else reading this thread has the files from anticoagulationurse please email me a copy.

    Thanks to all for sharing...
  13. by   Paramedic259
    I am unable to find where to send you a private message. I would love to have a copy of your CPNE experience. Thank you
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