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  1. Hello I am currently an LPN working in a LTC. I have been an LPN for 4 years and I am trying to advance my career through Excelsior. I have currently finished NC1-7 in 4 months because I am staying at home with my baby. I am waiting for a CPNE date and have waited for 3 1/2 months and I am getting very ansy about taking this test.
    My question is my husband and I plan to move to Portland in May, by this time I should be finished with the CPNE and I will hopefully pass. We have never lived in Portland before and we're excited about relocating and making new friends. Also I have heard many great things about Portland.
    1. What are the requiremements for Oregon State BON? Do I have to do exxtra clinical hours? Washington requires preceptorship hours.
    2. What hospitals offer preceptorship for new grads in Portland?
    3. Where are some nice places to live?

    Thanks so much!! CurlynurseLPN1 :spin: :typing
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    I work in LTC and have been for 8 years I need a definate change and want to get into the hospital.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Always contact the BON directly for changes in their licensing concerning Excelsior. Requirements do change and they will be able to give you the most up to date information. Do not rely strictly by what you get here.
  4. by   medsurgnights
    Most of the area hospitals offer new grad preceptorships. Those I can think of are the Legacy Hospitals-Emanuel, Good Samaritan, Meridian Park-, Providence Hospitals-Saint Vincent, Providence Portland, Providence Milwaukie-, OHSU, and Portland VA Medical Center. Good luck
  5. by   anticoagulationurse
    I live in WA and in an effort to get out of doing the preceptorship I was planning to become licensed for RN in Oregon and work there and then endorse to WA afterward. This was up until about a month ago when I decided to go to Alaska instead. (That decision has nothing to do with the Oregon boards). When I spoke with OR SBoN last month they had no special/extra requirements of me as an Excelsior grad. None. I could just designate OR as my NCLEX state, apply and become licensed like any other nursing school grad. Again, be sure to call them or email to confirm. They were really quite friendly and helpful to me!
  6. by   curlynurseLPN1
    Thanks for all the replies...I hope that I pass the CPNE then I can get going with turing in my application to sit for the Oregon state boards. I am very happy they have no requirements because WA is pretty strict about having like 300 hours of preceptorship. It's like why would I need that if already I ahve gone through LPN traditional school and finished 50% of RN through traditional school...it's way too much in my opinion. Thanks for everyones help...
  7. by   anticoagulationurse
    Ya, tell me about it! Been through all that. Hashed it out, and still don't get it. What I really don't understand is why WA is agreeable to letting me endorse another state's RN license here when the concern is supposedly the quality of education and clinical mentorship. You'd think they either would take an Excelsior grad or not. Not sure why the back door is perfectly okay with WA, but I am glad it is!!! In LPN school I had over 600 hours (or something close to it) of clinicals. And would you know it, not a single LPN preceptor or instructor. All, RN's all the time. So you'd think that would count for more than the nothing that WA SBoN credits me for. Sorry, I'm done now. I have a letter of discontent ready to be mailed in May when I will hopefully be granted a WA RN license.