Online Rn to BSN at Purdue or UTA?

  1. Hey everyone!

    I am going to be starting my online RN to BSN hopefully sometime in the next few months and am finding it daunting at best to sift my way through the endless amount of programs offered out there. So far I have applied to University of Texas at Arlington and am applying to Purdue at Calumet this week. I have been reading through all of the posts I could find on here and other nursing forums as far as reviews of these programs and it seems mixed.
    Does anyone have any first hand experience to either of the above online programs that they wouldn't mind sharing? UTA is cheaper but some posts have stated poor website design/difficult to navigate online programs and poor support. Purdue is a couple grand more but to me would be worth it if it was a superior online program. I also know that Purdue, at least in other degree areas, is meant to be a really great school.
    Any advice on either of these or even suggestions for other awesome online programs that aren't to pricey are very much appreciated.

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  3. by   BrazilianTeresa
    Have bad experiences with UTA so far, liabug. Sent my transcripts, paid for transcripts evaluation and... nothing. It has been a month and I have been calling every day. They actually say they have the transcripts and that the evaluation will be available in 3 days...but how many 3 days do we have in a month? haha. UTA has not been good about answering my questions... but they sure got my 50 dollars to evaluate my transcripts. So... I have moved on... this is not a good sign, it is disrespectfull. All the luck for you if you decide to go via UTA. :-)
  4. by   Conqueror+
    FWIW I got the feeling that I was being blown off by UTA as well.