Online Prerequisite Course Offerings

  1. can we make this a sticky? i'll start.

    i'll put in ones that are from community colleges as well as universities. for those of you thinking of going on to bachelor's and master's programs, remember to check your program to see if they allow pre-req's from community colleges.

    a&p, micro, chem, o-chem and biochem, ethics, and others at chemeketa: - i did my o-chem with them. no extra charge for out-of-state students.

    a whole buttload of classes, including sciences with labs, are offered by a consortium of mississippi community colleges, course listing here: - i did my a&p labs through them.

    a co-op of 4 idaho universities offers micro, stats, and a lot of psych courses: - i've done several of their courses and they're well priced - $100/semester-credit in state or out.

    micro w/ labs offered online at florida's st. petersburg college:

    oregon state offers a lot of online courses but expensive:

    eastern oregon university has human bio and organic chem.

    the university of oklahoma has organic and general chem.

    byu has a genetics course

    [color=#3a3a3a]fullerton college has a genetics course

    clackamas community college has online micro with labs you do at home with a kit they send you:

    university of minnesota offers a lot of prerequisites:

    that's all for now, i'll add more later.

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  3. by   EquuszARNP
    I guess there's already a big sticky elsewhere. Didn't see it. Oh well, just adding to the list then.
  4. by   caliotter3
    Ocean County College in NJ has most of the nursing prerequisites online. And the consortium of community colleges in Colorado offer a lot of online classes, including science classes with labs. and
  5. by   deebry
    How do you do online class with lab? Is it harder than classroom classes?
  6. by   Imdacutest
    Has anyone actually been able to use these as pre-req's that get approved by a nursing board for their school? I know my community college's out here in California won't take these.
  7. by   woodsyny
    Iowacconline- Took statistics there
    Clovis college (Chem and Microbiology) $88/credit out of state
    University of Colorado/Pueblo has independent study classes online. Took Developmental Psych there
  8. by   raspberrygirl16
    Portage Online Learning (has almost all prereque's except patho) self paced learning.
  9. by   paulakumar
    I portage online a accredited prerequisite's to other nursing schools and is it hard? does it cost a lot and how do you pay do they have payment plans and such?