Online nursing prerequisites

  1. Have any one of you taken some of the prerequisites online and successfully got into an accelerated nursing program? I completed Human Anatomy in person and it was very hard, but still ended up getting an A. I couldn't imagine doing that one online. I am taking physiology in the fall. However, my husband got his new orders and we are moving to Japan in January. I figured I would take the rest of my prerequisites online. I would have Chemistry and Microbiology left.

    there are only a few schools I have my eye on when we are back in the US, mostly on the east coast. I know that many schools do not accept science classes online, but from what I heard this mostly applies to schools on the west coast (california specifically). I am 28 and by the time we will be back I will be 31, so I don't want to waste time at all. I would just have to apply to schools that will accept the credits then.

    I have taken Anatomy, Nutrition, Human Development, Gen Biology and got all As. I do think I have the potential to be a good nursing student.

    I heard John Hopkins offers these courses online but its a bit costly, so I was wondering if I have any other options....
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    I would look at Rio Salado and Portage Learning. I believe both offer sciences with labs, but all online.
  4. by   aniretake
    I took many classes online in my life and they all were much harder than attending a class in person. Colleges I used - UC Berkley, Univ. of South Carolina.
  5. by   verene
    I took online classes through a local community college and was accepted to a ABSN program. Course I took online (or hybrid) were: Lifespan psychology, nutrition, statistics, and chemistry. Even out-of-country community college is tuition is likely to still be affordable and depending on the college your residency in the state in the prior 12 month and military attachment may still qualify you for in-state even from Japan.