nursing concept 2 excempt for all lpns - page 2

excelsior college have change guidelines-now all lpns regardless of the year you graduated and regardless of if your school was nln certified or not can skip nursing concept 2----:blushkiss... Read More

  1. by   carliboo30
    i just found out about the exemption and i am thrilled! :roll i have exactly two more nursing concepts exams to go, then cpne and nclex. i cant exactly see a light at the end of the tunnel yet, but i can sure visualize it. good luck in your studies you all!

  2. by   mentalhealthman
    EC recently sent a response to this. They say that I can't have the waiver because I took Commonalities "B" back in 1999 and was not successful. They say that this test is about the same. I can't seem to make sense of this. There are two other tests that I passed with an "A", and those won't count because they are over five years old. A little frustrating, to say the least, I am going to continue and hope they make an exception, or give me credit for the other tests. Have to just wait and see. Good luck to all.