Need Help How to Study for Phase II LPN-BSN ISU Challenge Tests

  1. I'm trying to create a study plan for the next 4 months to study for the Phase II Challenge Exams for ISU LPN-BSN Program. Classes are Nurs 106, 224, 328, and 330.

    Will the modules be enough to help me pass these exams or do I also need other books? If I need more books which ones do I need?

    If you took these exams already and passed, what was your study plan like?

    Basically, I'm dedicating 2-3 nights M-F and if needed study all day Sunday to study for theses tests.

    Also, which test do I study for and take 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th? I want to take the easier one first.

    My target is to have all this done before the November 1st deadline so that I can begin the nursing program Spring 2010.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   live&love&heal
    Correction, when I said modules, I meant "Customized Study Materials (CSMs)". Will those be suffice enough to study off of and pass. It just seems too easy to me to just use study guides to pass the exam. But, I haven't cracked open the study guides and am just nervous about this way of studying.
  4. by   804_LPN
    I took it in the order you have up there NUR 106, 224, 328, and 330. I found the modules helped I passed all of mine. 224 and 328 were kinda is med-surg and peds. I think you will meet your goal I studied the longest on peds because it is so much to remember from birth to 18yrs. Good luck
  5. by   chaxanmom
    The modules are absolutely all you need for those exams. They really aren't that hard. Except the peds one. Lots of development junk on there. I aced the other three but barely passed that one. I only took two weeks of prep time for them just in my spare time. That basically consisted of just reading through, doing the exercises, and taking the practice test. For the peds one just take more time than I did.
  6. by   chaxanmom
    The reason it seems too easy is because its stuff you have already had in LPN school. They do this rather than transfer credits in from your LPN school.
  7. by   alea
    Hey, I am new to allnurses so please excuse me..! I have taken N106 (easy - just study the module & do the review questions) & N328 (tougher but manageable!). Does anyone have any advice on N224? I take it in two days...from what I hear the test is very difficult & the module isn't very helpful? Not sure where I should focus my studying (seems like that is all I have been doing lately!). Thanks!!
  8. by   chaxanmom
    The only one I had any problem with was the peds one. The developmental stuff has always bored me so I don't bother studying it. I barely scrapped by on that test but got high 90s on the other three.
  9. by   live&love&heal
    alea: Thanks for the study tips! If and when you take the test for N224. Can you please let me know if the test correlates with the module?

    chaxanmom: Hey there! Hope your doing well!
  10. by   alea
    Quote from live&love&heal
    Correction, when I said modules, I meant "Customized Study Materials (CSMs)". Will those be suffice enough to study off of and pass. It just seems too easy to me to just use study guides to pass the exam. But, I haven't cracked open the study guides and am just nervous about this way of studying.
    Hey! The CSM for N224 helped -- I passed the test (a small miracle!!). I went online to ISU's blackboard (once you have enrolled in ISU & paid for the first part of the exam you can access the instructor's syllabus) and printed off the syllabus for N224. That REALLY helped & gave me an idea of where to focus when I was studying. The syllabus is practically the test (narrows down the CSM immensely - otherwise it was just too much info to try and remember every little detail!). Anyways, hope the info helps you. A lot of the exam was pretty basic/practical stuff you learned in LPN school. Goodluck! How many challenge exams do you have left?
  11. by   lealyn23
    Dear 804LPN,

    I am concerned about N328. How difficult is the test? Is it similar to the review questions given on The College Networks online resource center? I already took N106, N224, and N330. But N224 was very difficult, I found that the review questions didn't really help. How does the CSMs and review questions help? My weakest area is peds so I'm quite nervous. I hope you can get back to me in time, I'm planning to take it sometime next week. =/. I hope to hear from you soon!!

  12. by   lealyn23
    Also, are you already in the program? How's everything going for you? any tips for me before I start in the spring? How was it to find your clinicals and get started? I heard its rather difficult finding locations and preceptors available when you want to start. If you could go back in time, what would you change or do to better prepare yourself? What information do you wish you would have known before you got set up? If you could give me as much advice before I start that would be great!

  13. by   lealyn23
    do the review questions from the TCN resource center help?
  14. by   alea
    N328 was difficult but you can do it! Have you paid for your challenge tests yet through the computer store? If so, you can go onto your ISU blackboard and see the syllabus for N328. Study the diseases (for example, if my patient has this disease, should let him eat this? Should I take these precautions? In other words, nursing measures, judgement, etc.). I did not think that the modules were particularly helpful, but they give you a baseline. I passed the first time and only studied the modules (I dislike peds, too)! It would have been helpful to go a little more in depth on some of the more common diseases (like cystic fibrosis) -- if you see something like that, chances are you should google it (I looked at the Peds NCLEX for dummies study guide on google books) -- that really helps a lot. There are also a lot of practice quizzes on the internet that were helpful. Good luck -- if I can think of anything else I will let you know!