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  1. I am planning on taking NC1 soon and I have a simple question but do you need to take NC 1-7 in numerical order or can you skip around..or even schedule more than one test for the same day or is there a waiting perior once enrolled? Now I know taking two tests in one day might not be the greatest idea but I am stronger in some of the subjects and i was thinking of doubling up?...anyone else do this? Would love input from others

    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   rehab nurse
    Hi there

    good luck on nursing concepts 1!!!! no, you don't have to take the exams in any particular order. i personally did, just felt logical. but it's not a requirement by any means. there are lots of students who took the "easier" exams first and left the ones with a reputation for being "hard" last. however, some people found themselves trapped since you have to wait so many months after failing an exam to repeat it. so if you only need one NC exam left, and you fail it, you cannot register for CPNE until you pass all NC exams (and have less than 10 general ed credits to go), so some people have found that out the hard way.
    i had to take all the prereqs, so i did a couple prereqs, then did all the NC exams, then finished the prereqs, applying for CPNE after the required amount of credits done, and worked on the rest while waiting for cpne.

    so, hope i answered your question. there's lots of EC students and grads here in the Distance Learning forum, so you'll find lots of support here. I wish you much luck with your exams!!!

    If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me or post here. There's lots of support here from EC alum and students. Much luck to you!!!

    edited to add: sorry, forgot a question of yours. yes, you CAN schedule for than one exam in a day. some students who live a great distance from a test center did this to avoid so many trips ($$$). it's also a LOT of hours to sit in front of a computer. so, if you can handle sitting for that long, and feel comfortable with the material for two exams, then go for it. I personally did two tests together once. I did Micro and NC 6 together. Got A on 6 and B in Micro. So it can be done!!!
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