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  1. The BON emailed me yestarday and told me they accept excelior. Great! however it also said that I needed to make sure i wanted to go this route because if I ever moved to a state that doesn't accept the education from Excelsior I wouldn't be able to practice in that state. NC is a compact state by the way. Why is that? What makes Excelsior so different from a regular class room besides the fact it is all online and you don't do clinicals every week? I am so frustrated now.
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  3. by   EricJRN
    I love Excelsior, being both a graduate and current student, but it is significantly different from traditional programs because of the reasons you cite.

    We can't get frustrated about it. The acceptability of an EC education has been debated many times (on this site, in state BON meetings, in court, etc). All I know is this: Excelsior afforded me the flexibility that no other program would have. I have a license and a very rewarding career because of them. If my future geographic options are a little limited, it's still well worth it.
  4. by   Ronnie22
    Hi Eric,

    I know numerous nurses that practice in Ga., and Ga. will not allow you to test in Ga. Go figure; they will give reciprocity from other states; take your test for N.J., then get reciprocity. They know this is happening, but it's a kind of, ' our standards are higher ' so we will not accept the Excelsior college nursing students, but hundreds are working in Ga. with an Excelsior degree.