My Experience at Plano Texas

  1. friday afternoon i arrived at the hospital around 3:30 and met with
    the 3 other students in the waiting room. the last 2 arrived shortly
    after i did. carlo, the ca, came to get us about 3:50 and we went to
    the room for our orientation. she went through all the stuff she
    needed to tell us and then went through the lab stations. we took
    the 15 minutes and looked at everything. after that we took our
    labs. i did iv piggyback first. i was nervous but in control. i
    passed that one and went on to the wound station. passed that one
    with no problems. iv push was next, and passed that one with no
    problems. i was shocked at the push i got. i had 2 ml in 30 seconds.
    went from there to the im/subq and passed that one as well. thank
    god all my labs were finished.

    from there the ce took me to the floor and gave me an orientation to
    where everything was and gave me my first patient assignment. i had
    a 14 y/o f who was admitted with appendectomy. my areas of care were
    vital signs with pain, fluid management, abdominal assessment,
    respiratory assessment, peripheral vascular assessment and
    reposition in bed x1. i went back to the hotel and worked up my care
    plan and tried to get some rest so i would be ready for the next

    the second patient was a 64 y/o f who was in with abdominal pain and
    nausea and vomiting. my areas of care were vital signs (t, apical p,
    r, and pain), fluid management, mobility, abdominal assessment,
    respiratory assessment, medication ivmb, comfort management. again i
    did all my stuff within about 1:45 minutes and was ready to get out
    of there. this pcs also went off with no problems until i went to do
    my documentation. i was writing a patient response on the evaluation
    phase and my attention got redirected and i forgot to finish a
    sentence. my ce came to me and asked me to finish the sentence and
    then told me i passed.

    i could not believe i had passed both my pcs's on saturday and only
    had one more pcs on sunday. i went back to the hotel and tried to
    relax. relaxing just wasn't going to happen so my husband and i went
    out to dinner. i went back to the hotel and did a little studying
    and then tried to go to bed but i just couldn't seem to settle down.
    i eventually went to sleep and woke up sunday morning.

    i arrived at the hospital at 6:45 and waited for the others to get
    there. there were 4 of us left sunday morning. one of the ce's from
    saturday was taking her student up for the pcs and whispered good
    luck to me. i was so ready to get this over with.
    i went up and was given my assignment. i had a 64 y/o f who was
    admitted with uti with fever. my areas were mobility, fluid
    management with i&o, vital signs with check pain and o2 sat, oxygen
    management, abdominal assessment, and respiratory assessment. there
    wasn't really all that much i needed to do. i finished with no
    problems and did my documentation.

    when they told me i passed i actually started crying. the ce gave me
    a big hug as did the ca. i went down and she asked me the questions
    about how the weekend went and was there anything that they could do
    to make the weekend better. there really wasn't anything i could
    think of. everyone here did everything they could to make me feel at
    ease and help me pass. i can honestly say that they really do want
    you to pass and will do whatever they can do help you. stay focused
    and even if you get nervous, just take a moment and take a deep
    breath. there were a couple of times the ce actually went through a
    couple of relaxation breaths with me to help me. i can honestly say
    from this weekend that they go out of their way to help you. this
    was my second attempt at the cpne at plano

    pcs #1 dx; acute pain r/t appendicitis aeb patient rating pain at---
    ------ on a 0-10 pain scale.
    outcome; pt will rate pain at or < 3/10 on 0-10
    pain scale.
    n1 assess pain level using 0—10 pain scale
    n2 reposition pt states most comfortable
    i change this dx during evaluation phase it became risk for acute
    pain because pt rated pain at 0.

    dx; risk for injury r/t maturational age
    oc; pt will be free from injury during pcs
    n1 bed in lowest position while in bed
    n2 srx2 while in bed

    pcs#2 impaired comfort r/t nausea and vomiting aeb nausea and
    vomiting and patient will rate pain at -------- on a 0—10 pain scale.
    oc; pt will verbalize an increase in comfort after
    comfort measures are implemented
    n1 assess comfort needs
    n2 offer comfort measures
    i changed the r/t pain and aeb to patient rating pain at a 7—8 on a
    0—10 pain scale.

    impaired physical mobility r/t immobility aeb needing assistance
    with ambulation
    oc; patient will transfer with assistance from bed
    to chair with assistance during pcs
    n1 assist with ambulation
    n2 provide non skid foot ware while out of bed

    pcs#3 dx; impaired verbal communication r/ t ischemia of
    the temporal lobe aeb inability to speak words but can
    understand others secondary to aphasia
    oc; pt will demonstrate improved ability to
    express self
    n1 provide alternative methods of
    n2 encourage use of communication board and
    other means of communication

    dx risk for aspiration r/t tube feeding
    oc; pt will not aspirate during pcs
    n1 keep head of bed at 35 degrees
    n2 check placement

    my third patient also had a peg tub and had lou gehrig's disease this
    part was fyi . i used it to make a dx. and i just went with it .

    good luck to all lisa
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Thanks for the post, Lisa! Congrats on getting past this huge hurdle!
  4. by   Mudwoman
    Congratulations! I just got back from the CPNE workshop in Irving tonight. Great workshop and Sharon and Kris were great motivators. I test in Plano Mar 23. Great to know that everything said about Plano is not negative.

    I'll post more on the workshop and tips I picked up later. Too tired tonight and we have company for the weekend.
  5. by   anticoagulationurse
    Yay for you! Congratulations!!!!