Microbiology exam advice - what did you use? - page 2

Microbiology is my next exam as I await my evaluation from Excelsior. For those who have taken it, what did you use to study for the exam? What worked? (What didn't?) How long did it take? I... Read More

  1. by   WldChrry
    I used Demystified and the EC practice Exams. I passed with a B.
  2. by   PaParamedic
    I used, various methods.

    ebook: Microbiology Demysitified.
    book: Cliff QuickReview Microbiology
    audio: VangoNotes for Microbiology

    Got an A.
  3. by   eewade
    Hi I am taking the microbiology course at BYU and rushing to finish before pharmacy school....what was the first test like? was it tricky?
    My email is eewade@vcu.edu
  4. by   keybrewer82
    how many hours a day did you study? how many weeks before you took the exam