LPN-RN bridge courses

  1. I am currently finishing an LPN program in Kentucky and wanted to "bridge" over to the ADN program offered at my college. Going this route, I would have ADN in two semesters.

    My problem is...my husband wants to move to Fort Myers, FL when I graduate from LPN. Does anyone know of any programs offered in this area that might suit my needs.

    Also, I eventually want to go on to NP. I thought being able to work as LPN, ADN, BSN on the way would give my a well rounded look at nursing.

    Your information would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. by   Godswill
    Are u looking for an online kinda program where u can get your ADN, there are a couple of these, one for sure is RueEd.com. It answers all of your questions about getting your RN from home.

    and www.regents.edu - which a lot of LPN use, hope this help, if u are looking for a online route of geting your ADN
  4. by   NightAngel
    Hi, congrats on finishing the LPN program. That is no easy task in itself. I'm not sure about Kentucky, but most states require that you work for 1 full yr as an LPN before being accepted into a bridge program. I'm pretty sure that the bridge program is offered whereever you go. Looks like you have a well planned out route for your future. That is great. Setting goals is the first step in achieving them. Contact the counselors of the schools that you are interested in for answers. Make sure to make a list of questions before hand so that you don't leave anything out. Also, if possible, you may want to contact a previous student that recently attended that school. Personally, I have found that one who has already experienced it usually can answer you questions and even give great advice. Good luck and welcome to nursing.
  5. by   kentucky_stacey
    Thank you for all your advise. Also, I will check on the 1 year waiting period...I'm not sure about it either.

    Once again, thank you!
  6. by   BBFRN
    In KY you are required to work 500 hrs direct patient care before acceptance into a bridge program.