looking for online Sociology or psychology. Help

  1. Okay I live in California,
    Im currently looking for a 100% online sociology or psychology class.
    Im looking for a summer or fall class that is open for registration now.
    I would prefer a college located in CA so that the cost per unit/credit wont be as much,
    but if I have to I will pay a little bit more, but not too much to take a online class at another
    out- of state school.

    thanks in advance.
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  3. by   RuralGirl
    Try edukan.org. cost $125 per credit. summer classes starts next month
  4. by   mr.hustle
    is it 100% online?
  5. by   MsPC
    Try santa barbara community college or cerro coso community college. Both in California.
  6. by   RuralGirl
    Edukan classes are 100% online. They have

    a 6 weeks sociology starting May 23 and another

    one in July. I am currently enrolled with them for Micro

    and happy with their services
  7. by   mr.hustle
    How are the classes at edukan? are they fairly easy? how would rate them?
  8. by   RuralGirl
    Did my final exam yesterday for Microbiology and got an A. Depends with the prof
  9. by   blossom74
    @ Ruralgirl: are there any prereq's to meet for classes? micro in particular
  10. by   RuralGirl
    No prerequisites for micro.
  11. by   Maseca
    Santa Monica College has Sociology and Psychology 100% online.
  12. by   BeachieRN84
    I just took the CLEP for Intro to Sociology. That's something you could look into also. Only $77 for the 3 credits.