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  1. Like the header says, I'm looking for an Anatomy & Physiology II class that's purely online. I've tried searching through other posts here but haven't been able to find the info I'm looking for. I'm sure others would appreciate a comprehensive list, too. The diploma program I went through had an agreement with the local community college so I only needed their A&PI to fulfill the pre-reqs at the time. Now I'm working on my BSN and need that second class! I'd really prefer something with online lab, too. (Yes, they do exist.) I've taken tons of bio classes with labs my first go-around in college; I don't think I'd gain much from a hands-on one, plus my housemates would kill me if I stunk up the place with formaldehyde.

    If you can tell me the school, the length of term, the structure of the class (tests, quizzes, essays, etc), out-of-state cost (NOVA, my local CC still considers me out of state!), how hard/manageable/demanding it was for you, and anything else you'd think is helpful, it'd be so great and appreciated.
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  3. by   LadyLamp
    ArtieRN: By NOVA, do you mean Northern Virginia Community College? If so, they have A&P II with lab entirely online. If they're charging you out of state but you're asking about other class options out of state anyway, why not go there?
  4. by   ArtieRN
    I considered it and even registered there, but I've found a few other options that are almost a third of the cost of NOVA's out of state tuition. It's a real bummer.
  5. by   LadyLamp
    I can imagine...it's not cheap here. However, I'm really impressed with the quality of the A&P class I'm in at NVCC. I'm taking the class in person, but I have heard good things about the online version. One plus to consider is that you can go to the school in person if you need help with a topic, whereas this would be more difficult if you take an online class that doesn't have a physical presence where you live. E-mail doesn't quite cut it sometimes.
  6. by   nylady07
    I am in NY and Cayuga community college offers online a&P 1 and 2 with labs online. i haven't taken them myself (i took other classes) but my other classmates have and they thought it was great. The teachers were very helpful and prompt in answering questions. I'm in NYC and this school is upstate and hours away so it's not in my neighborhood but I loved my courses. (Took ethics and statistics) Out of state cost is double the tuition so about 1400 for ap2 (which includes the fees) You can do it this summer in about a month. Transcripts are free. HTH!

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  7. by   Katclip
    Though it was A&P I, CCCO - Colorado Community Colleges Online -- worked for me. It's a consortium; teachers come from different colleges in the consortium. I took A&P I from them last summer, got an A, and just finished A&P II on campus with a B. Concluding that the CCCO format worked for me: 40-50 question test after every chapter. No video lectures, but I watched lectures from another source using the same book when I took A&P I from them. Really wish I had taken A&P II from them -- I learned the material much better. In fact, I'm even thinking about taking A&P II over but from them this summer -- I want the A, of course, but also want to feel confident that I learned it. Some labs were online, but some labs are in your house, though I'd guess labs will be easier at home in A&P II than they were in A&P I -- had to buy a skeleton for A&P I, for instance. We did dissect a cat in A&P II on campus -- hope A&P II doesn't ask students to do that at home, as that actually might dissuade me. Doing the teeny little cow eyeball and sheep brain and so forth at home in A&P I was one thing... a cat's another.