Life Span Excelsior Exam ??

  1. Hello,
    I am scheduled to take this test in 2 weeks (Feb 23)
    I have read the entire recommended by excelsior, and
    also did the entire study guide. Now I am reading notes
    I pulled of the Yahoo groups. Any pointers for the test?
    Theorists? Development? Thanks in advanced.
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  3. by   Firemedic7
    Know the differences in the theories (Freud vs. Piaget etc.)
  4. by   Lisanne_camp_nurse
    How many questions are on the exam, i am going to take it soon. did you have 4 or 5 answer on the multiply choice? Any sugestions?????:bowingpur
  5. by   akanini
    Is this the same exam that can be clepped for human growth and development?