life span development

  1. Can anyone give me some links for a study group for life span development of anyother helpful info on this class through istudysmart?
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  3. by   mobileLPN
    I too would like to find such a group. This and A&P are the only gen ed classes I still need. If one does not already exist, we should start one.
  4. by   txlele32
    sounds like a good idea to start a group. What book are you using. I m using istudysmart- life span development 9th edition.
  5. by   renerian
    I used a very good book for lifespan 1/2 in my BS/MS program. My dtr used the same book for her Associate program. I do not know of any such study group. I know it is ALOT of information.

  6. by   juju
    You can go to the istudysmart web site and there are forums on different courses. There are usually a few people wanting someone to study with as well.
  7. by   GPatty
    Hey txlele32!
    I am also doing Life Span Development through iStudySmart.
    Contact me if you want, although I have just recently begun, maybe we could help each other!
    Right now, I'm trying to finish up with Microbiology at my traditional school, so I'm only on Ch.2 with LSD (haha! Sounds funny, doesn't it?)
    Anyhoo~ my email addyis if you want to study together!