Let me hear from the LPN's to the RN outthere!

  1. I would love to hear from anyone who is currently or finished an LPN to RN program. Whether it be from LPN to BSN or To RN. I am a single mother working as an LPN on Med/Surg floor and need to go on for my RN. Going to a traditional class room would be way to difficult and I would find it much easier to do it online. What school are you in and do you like them? Do they have financial assit? And how long did it take you? Please give me your views! I would really like to hear from you!
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  3. by   rehab nurse
    hi there..

    i'm an lpn for 9 years, going back to excelsior for my rn. three more classes to go until i can get on the clinical waiting list. i started last december, and i needed all general eds and nursing courses. i like the program in that it gives me a lot of freedom (i really learn best on my own, or with one on one instruction). i know that otherwise, i would never be able to continue on to my RN. i do prefer distance learning over traditional, but i wish excelsior was accepted more readily than it is.

    i am a single mom also to a 3 and 5 year old, have a ton of medical problems (lupus, three herniated lumbar discs, severe asthma, migraines) and am taking intermittent family medical leave which leaves me working about 3 to 4 eight hour shifts a week, sometimes less. was just in hospital for two days for migraines again.
  4. by   newflgrad
    WOW! Good for you on going back! And with all those problems too, I am sorry to hear you have so many medical conditions that seem to be hurdles for you, but it looks like you are determined and in my book that is all you need to get over those hurdles in life. Just think what a wonderful message you are sending your kids too! Thanks for your reply!