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it states intheir material that clinicals are done locally with a preceptor..does this mean you have to do a practical clinical test in order to complete the program ( like regents?) or you just do... Read More

  1. by   jetski
    One more info: I am trying to go to Clinicals sites that have already being approved. If you want a new clinical the process take longer
  2. by   jetski
    I am in the program and I live in ILLINOIS, Chicago area. I am trying to find a clinical site and a preceptor for my clinicals. I must called 15 places ( even ones listed as " current" site for clinicals in ISU website) and I have had no luck. I need only for Spring/09, but I am just worried about spend all this money and do not find a clinical site and/or preceptor. Anyone doing this program around Chicago area?
  3. by   athomemom56
    Can you tell me what is the response you are getting....what is the reason they won't let you do your clinicals at their facility?
  4. by   jetski
    One Hospital, Northwestern Hospital told me that there is no nurse could help me, 1 to 1. They told me that if I work there was easier or if I was a graduated student, not undergrad. Another Hospital in Miwakee was concern the fact that I was going there without an instructor and the fact that I would not be able to test my skill in a lab before actually go to clinicals. Three other places denied having any contract with ISU. Three or four places told me that they were going to think about but they came back and said tha it was not possible( no explanation). Today I even called Kim Cook at ISU and I told her my concern. She kept saying that there are places in Illinois with a contract and they are also getting more places. She said that there are several students around Chicago area. I really don't know if I believe.How came they have so many students around here and no clinicals already set up. I am thinking about give up and apply for the cities of chicago college. I thought about Elcesior, but I do not have nerves for the CPNE. Are you enrroled in the ISU program?
  5. by   angie65art
    I am enrolled in the ind.state lvn-bsn program i think the clinicals are like traditional clinic hours not test taking. i am taking the nursing challenge exams right now, they have a pretty high pass score that you have to get. it's 79%. but hopefully i 'll pass all 4. i will be a RN.
  6. by   jetski
    I don't know where you live but just be aware that clinicals site are very hard to find. Before yyou spend a lot more money make sure that you have the place set up to do your clinicals when you need . I live in Chicago area and there are no clinical site here. Good Luck!
  7. by   angie65art
    i live in calif. and ind. state works with sonoma college (I think it's sonoma) anyway i've got to something. i've been in nursing for so long and i have got to get my rn
  8. by   athomemom56
    Be careful....have you found sites that will let you do your clinicals Angie?
  9. by   angie65art
    the clinicals will be held in local hospitals , i just passed nurs.challenge test 330 today. they have a high pass rate 79% but i passed i have like 200 more tests to take but at least i've got one less to take
  10. by   jetski
    Congratulaions for passing Nurs 330!
  11. by   angie65art
  12. by   sparn
    I am considering applying to Indiana State University lvn to bsn.. Can you please how that is going for you.
  13. by   angie65art
    I think it's going pretty good. I have just started the nursing courses the challenge exams.. alot of it is basic nursing stuff , the staff at ind. state are very helpful. I know alot of people don't like the college network but for me they gave ne a good outline and study materials to follow. If you don't pass the challenge exams (pre-requisite to the nursing program) then after 2 fails they require you to buy the study material. (Ind. state) It's all abput meeting the requirements foor ind. state and since it's a bsn program some of their requirements are upper level courses.Itshould take me 3 semsters to finish it. The College Network also gave me a nclex study deal so I can practice, practice, practice the nclex. Of course, I now have alot of study material that I don't need now... anyway I'm going for it. I can't support myself on a LVN's salary.