I need help! This is pretty much an emergency!

  1. This was just sprung on my a few days ago. I need a nutrition class to stay in the program, and I have to have it completed and transcrips sent by the end of the semester, or else I get dropped. I have been working my little fingers off trying to find and online course because that is my only option right now. I have tried university of pheonix, and that was a bit too costly @ $1,600.00 +, and I tried brigham-young, but they require traveling which is not an option right now either. This is difficult for me as I have never taken an online class in my life!!!
    Could some one PLEASE give me some insite. I need to find a course right away, and I don't know where to go for that, which is affordable, can be done in a matter of a oouple weeks, and is strictly online.
    Please help me!
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  3. by   RudyMvp1
    Hi mandi,
    I just checked my school and they DO offer a totally online class in NUTRITION!
    Put this in your browser and it will take you right to the ANYTIME/ANYWHERE class schedule,
    They just started the online class Oct 17th but you can prolyl still get in but call ASAP!
    the cost is around 80 bucks a credit.
    If the above link doesnt work do this:
    then click on DISTANCE LEARNING,,,then under that click on HOME
    then click on ANYTIME/ ANYWHERE
    then scroll down and click on OCT 2005 classes,
    then scroll down and you will see NUTRITION!
    If you click on INTERNET next to NUTRITION it will give you some info but the dates are dated...as with all these online classes at this school..you can go as fast or slow as you want. hope this helps!!!!
  4. by   tattooednursie
    Thank you so much!
    This is exactly what I am looking for!
  5. by   DidiRN
    I know I took a Nutrition course through Ohio University's Distance learning program.
  6. by   Lisa CCU RN
    www.anywhere.tennessee.edu has classes that start whenever you do and costs no more than $550. I am taking a calculus class right now( don't ask me why we need calculus). Also the University of Texas at Austin has distance courses that start anytime. You do not even have to register at either of these schools, you just pay for the course and it can be to you in the next day. I have a similar situation to yours. I need this calculus class by the end of the Fall 2005 semester or I will forfeit my acceptance to the Spring 2006 class and I can't have that , so I am pushing to finish in 6 weeks or less. Whew! please pm me if you have any questions.
  7. by   mattsmom64
    Rio Salado College...classes start every 2 weeks....the class is Fon 241