I have a study guide available....

  1. I have a study guide for Nursing Research that I used for the excelsior BSN program requirement. If anyone is interested or wants more info, please pm me

    Also available, for free, (I would just ask you to reimburse me the shipping) are these texts...

    Intorduction to Nursing An Adaptation Model 2nd ed. Sister Calista Roy (1984)

    The Neuman Systems Model Application to Nursing Educatioon and practice . Betty Neuman. (1982) I used this book and this theorist for my final practical for BSN program.

    Nursing Theories and Models 2nd ed. Ruby Wesley (1995, Springhouse) This is a slim guide that give 2 or 3 pages of just the keypoints of all theorists including...Nightingale, Peplau, Henderson, Johnson, Roger's, Orem, Neuman, Roy, Lenninger, et al. About 130 pgs w nice appendices and comparison charts in the back of the book.

    PM me if you want this, or have a request for other info I may have. I will be tossing this stuff into the recycling can before next Tuesday, so speak now or foever hold your peice
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    OK, 32 views, no takers, recycling can, here it comes!
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    ok plz spare me a copy
    .thank you
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    The post saying the person was going to throw them out is now 3.5 years old, so I would not expect they still have the books.