How Does EC Score NC Tests? What is Passing?

  1. I took the NC1 online practice test without studying and I got 71% of the answers correct. Is this enough to pass. I know EC does some type of adaptive scoring, but what is passing? Thanks!

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  3. by   barbiedee
    I asked Excelsior about their marking system, and they told me they could not give me a percentage mark, only a letter grade...and they wouldn't say what percentage went with what grade. (ie: did 60% give you a 'c'?) Apparently some questions are weighted heavier than others. I don't know what a 'passing' per centage is, as they wouldn't say, just a 'c' or above. Sorry I can't shed any more light on their marking system, but they couldn't enlighten me, either. Good luck!
  4. by   BBFRN
    I can't help you with predicting your exam scores, but 71% without studying on the quizzes is a good sign. Here's what I would do with the quizzes: I would take the first one after going over the notes once. After I finished the quiz and got my score, I would write down the questions/answers I got wrong, or guessed on. I would study those until I felt comfortable with them, and would then take the second quiz. I always got at least a 10% higher score on the second one. I would then again write down the questions/answers I got wrong or guessed on for that quiz and study those. This yielded an A on the exam each time. But be sure to write down the questions/answers as soon as you go over your score after you take the quiz- you won't be able to access them after that. And some of those questions are exactly the same as some on the exam, so they are helpful! Good luck- NC1 is the scariest to take, because you're not sure of the exam format until you take it. It'll be uphill from there, I promise!