HELP, Questions about Excelsior/Collegenet.

  1. :spin: I just recently took my first Nursing Concepts test with Excelsior (via College Network). I did not pass(score was a D). I need to know if there is additional information that I can get to help me pass. Did I make a mistake going through College Network? If anyone has gone through the Excelsior distance learning, and has succeded , please let me know!!

    In need of much help,
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  3. by   Tweety
    Good luck to you. I'm going to move your post to the Distance Learning forum. There are several EC students there and hopefully, you'll get some advice.
  4. by   txspadequeenRN
    oh my goodness !!! well i have not taken any of the concepts test yet..but i have been reading on here that several people have thought tcn books were way off from the test. did you get the free content guide from ec and follow that as well or go straight from the tcn book. i recommend doing the practice test first , i've been told those are the best insight into the real test. i am fixin to start with these test...and ur scarin me....just kidding.
  5. by   coolvibesRN
    I went to excelsior and used the college network guides. I finished in 2005. I used to get the content guide from excelsior and see if i know most of the stuff. Also i joined some groups on yahoo. They have some note files. If you go to yahoo, then groups, search for excelsior adn, rn through excelsior, et.c the groups will show up and you can join.
    Good luck
  6. by   cheleb61
    I finished all of the nursing concepts tests using Chancellor's study guides. U highly recommend the Yahoo groups. There was a lot of valuable info in the files there. Good luck!!
  7. by   Rhfish2
    I went directly through excelsior and found that their material was very helpful. Why pay extra when EC gives you all of the information that is needed.