Has Anyone Ever Taken A 5 Week Sciene Course W/ A Lab From SJVC?!

  1. I have heard it was a good school. Do I need to buy a microscope or are all their labs done online?! How hard was it to do a API, II or Micro there in a 5 week time frame?! How many hours of work did you put in during that time?! Did you have to do 2 labs and 2 tests a week to get all the work in?! Thanks for any help you can provide. :spin:
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  3. by   kcocat
    Hi! I teach the A&P and Micro courses online for SJVC. Just so you know, the courses were actually created for certified respiratory therapists who want to sit the registry exam, (for a specific 'upgrade" program SJVC has) so there is a definite focus towards clinical info and those who have clinical experience (as respiratory therapists who enter this "upgrade" program must have 5 years FT clinical experience.

    No, you do not need a microscope. HOWEVER! They are considering dropping the A&P and Micro to 3 credit courses w/o a lab component, so if you want to do it and need the lab you better do it before the change...

    I have a quiz each week, a written case study assignment each week, and my discussions have heavy posting requirements compared to most other courses, as much of the "learning" occurs there through interaction with your fellow students discussing the topics at hand. My courses are considered more challenging than others at SJVC, but most students enjoy them (I get good student reviews..) Typically you are responsible for about 4 chapters of info per week.

    I have had a few non-RT students in the course and they have all done well, so don't be discouraged by not being an RT.

    Hope this helps! )
  4. by   Batman24
    Thank you!! What a treat to have the actual instructor on the site. :spin:

    May I ask why they don't also offer APII?! I looked for it so I could take all in one place and they confirmed they offer only I and not II. I was just curious as to why. Are you the only instructor for these courses?!

    Also, do you know if a full course syllabus can be provided?! The one on the system isn't acceptable to my school. They are being very difficult about online courses. And the school is accredited, correct?! I don't see how it couldn't be, but figured I would check anyway. Would you say 15 hours a week of studying would cover it?! Are quizzes and exams done online ot do they need to be proctored?! Thanks again.
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  5. by   kcocat
    It is the only one offered because it is all that the experienced Upgrade students need in order to sit the Registry exam - remember, the course was developed for that program.

    You should be able to obtain a copy of the syllabus from the school - I can't 'unofficially' give you one. At present, I am the only one who teaches those courses, and I teach an ICU course for Respiratory and sometimes teach the Contemporary Ethics course...

    A safe quick check when seeking accreditation status is if the school has an .edu ending, it has regional accreditation status or at least preliminary status.

    Yes, SJVC is fully accredited and has several campuses in CA in addition to the recently added online campus. All of the courses are 100% online using the eCollege platform.
  6. by   Batman24
    Thanks again!! I am going to check into the syllabus. The one school will accept any classes as long as they are accredited. Contemporary Ethics sounds very interesting. Is it a Humanities course?!

    I haven't been to school in years so I am a bit nervous. Is this class listed as a traditional API course on a transcript?! It sounds like it would be.

    I am sorry for all the questions. Thanks again!!
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  7. by   kcocat
    Yes, ethics is philosophy, so would be a humanities.

    As far as how courses reflect on transcripts, you need to speak with SJVC admin on that - my role is strictly instructing, so I don't know about the administrative side of the courses...
  8. by   Batman24
    Thanks again for all of your help. I just might take that Ethics course if it is deemed I need another Humanities class. :spin: