Freaking out..accepted to MSN program

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    I just found out I was accepted to Grad school! University of Mary in ND, Nurse Educator track. I'm 56 and work 32-36 hours a week. I've never had to work and go to school so I'm really freaking out! And of course there's the thoughts of, what if I'm not smart enough, what if it's too much?! It's something I really want to do. I'm a newer nurse and I get negative feedback also such as,why would you do this at your age? Any words of advice or tips for being successful would be great!
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  3. by   shibaowner
    Congratulations! Your age doesn't matter - many nurses get graduate degrees in their 50s or 60s. As for working and going to school, yes it can be tough, but many people do so. You have to be realistic about your time management skills and how much time you have to study. The rule of thumb is 3 hours of study for each hour of class. Do you feel you can study after coming home from work? Are you ok with studying on the days you don't work? In grad school, there are usually a lot of papers and group assignments, not just taking exams. Papers are very time consuming - you will have to do all the research and then writing a good paper takes a lot of time. With group assignments, you will have a responsibility to your group and can't miss deadlines.
    Just take one class your first semester and see how it goes.
  4. by   TrashPanda
    "...why would you do this at your age.." Your answer to that is, "Why WOULDN'T I do this at my age?" When I began seeking my masters in nursing education, I was a bit long in the tooth, worked 40+ hours per week, full time husband and minor child. Be prepared for reading, writing, and reading and writing some more. Be prepared for APA format. The 6th Edition Manual and APA The Easy Way were my paper-writing bibles. Time management is the key! Believe me that what you desire is attainable and can be done! You sound like a lady on a mission! Yes, you will get tired of reading. Yes, you will get tired of writing. Yes, you will be...tired...Always focus on the light at the end. It gets brighter with each day that passes and I can assure you, the rewards and the accomplishment are fantastic! As shibaowner said: be prepared for multiple types of assignments. Quizzes/exams are typically through a lock-down website that requires you to take exams on cam. There will be group assignments and discussion boards. I had to complete teaching assignments on cam and then upload them. It was intense, but doable! Keep your focus, keep your edge, and keep up! You will do fine! Congratulations on your decision!
  5. by   meanmaryjean
    I made a decision on my 55th birthday to finish my BSN. I had been an ADN RN for 30 years. I did not know how to copy-and paste. Fast forward 7 years. Finished the BSN. Finished the MSN. Earned a DNP.

    If I can do it- so can you! honest.

    Best wishes!
  6. by   indygirl526
    I turned down the nurse educator program and instead will start a Master's in Palliative Care program through the University of Maryland Baltimore next month. Hospice/palliative care is my passion. Any anxiety I felt previously is gone because I'm following my heart!
  7. by   indygirl526
    Congratulations! You are a true inspiration!