Excelsior study tips

  1. Just thought a lot of people might appreciate advice and study tips from those who have been there/done that.

    How much time did it take to prepare for the tests?

    Which tests are the most challenging?

    Do the tests follow the course guides reliably?

    I am preparing for A&P now.

    Best of luck to others doing the same!

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  3. by   Spazzy Nurse
    How much time did it take to prepare for the tests?
    ~~It depends on the person. There was one girl who took all 7 nursing courses in a week -- very good idea, if you don't think you'll need to RETAIN anything. Some people study for 3 months for each one. Once you take the first one, you'll get a better understanding of what study method works the best for you and about how long it'll take you. After the 2nd one you will have become a pro.

    Which tests are the most challenging?
    ~~I thought most of the nursing exams were pretty difficult, but I've heard some people say they didn't think they were bad. I didn't think that the last 2 weren't as bad as the rest, but again, others disagree with me on that too. Not to be a party pooper for you, but A&P wasn't much fun either.

    Do the tests follow the course guides reliably?
    ~~They do follow the EC content guides, yes. Course/study guides from publishing companies? Let's not go there.

    These were my opinions, and people's opinions vary greatly on what they thought of these tests. Hopefully more people will give their input so you can be just all good and confused.
  4. by   lpncrazy

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  5. by   kimlpn
    This is intended to be neutral statement : These practice tests seem to be associated with Excel Advantage. Research the company for it's integrity prior to paying. I believe there is a very good thread on here called study guides that will tell of some experiences with this company and their conduct. I personally have no experience with them, other than seeing a Mr. Butner on various Yahoo sites posing as a student. I can't say what their materials are like, but maybe these tests will be helpful--but as with anything I would advise researching it!
  6. by   yaddadoit
    Have completed all of the prereqs...just have CPNE left to do. I'm an experienced LPN and do very well (just lucky!) on written exams. I'm quivering in my boots at the thought of the CPNE. As for all of my prereqs..... I found that the outlines were very broad based, but did cover all of the testing material very well. Initially I signed up to take three of the nursing exams on the same day. I studied very hard for one using an NCLEX test guide, didn't have time to study for the other 2, went in and took them all and came out with A's and B's. I have a good selection of text books for reference, but for the most part, I have stuck with the NCLEX books (now have them from 3 different sources) as I find the practice tests very helpful and have seen many of the same questions on the nursing exams. With the gen ed requirements, I did a couple of college courses, but the ones that I tested out of I again had a good text for reference, but rarely opened it, spent most of my study time using very short study guides found at the local college bookstore. I also really used the Standard Deviants Video's. After I watched the first one I thought I was a total idiot for buying them... until test time. They really helped me to recall the things I needed to know.
    One of my former coworkers received her ADN and BSN through Regents --her advice to me, get rid of the texts, use the NCLEX reviews and focus specifically on what the study guide asks for.
    Good luck!!!
  7. by   JacqueOCS
    How long did it take to complete the course of study? I worked w/a nurse in Hawaii who obtained her RN thru this program. She didn't seem to think it was too bad, but then again she was a smart cookie
  8. by   yaddadoit
    The amount of time it takes to complete Excelsior is variable depending on the person. For me...the two biggest inhibitors are lack of confidence and lack of motivation. The other two factors that I have heard from other Excelsior people are, of course, time and money. In hindsight, as far as the nursing component was concerned, I think that I could have finished it easily within 3 months (excluding the CPNE... I've been dragging my feet about taking it for more than a year now!) if I would have just studied for 2 or 3 hours 5 evenings a week. I have always tested well on written exams. I'm a horrible procrastinator with very little confidence. I do have a lot of years of nursing behind me and I do my best to keep current with changes in nursing.
  9. by   JacqueOCS
    The "CPNE" is the hands on exam? So you only have clinicals that one day the entire program?
  10. by   yaddadoit
    The CPNE (Clinical Performance Nursing Exam) is a hands on performance exam under the direct supervision and evaluation of one of a team of RN evaluators. It lasts 2 1/2 days and is hospital based. There is a lab portion and then several patient care settings where you provide care for individual patients. No instructions in how patient care is to be provided are given during the exam. It is not a "teaching" experience. For the most part the RN's are limited as to what questions they are allowed to answer for the examinee. The examinee is expected to perform at the same level as a new graduate RN. There is a big study guide that Excelsior puts out to help people prepare for the CPNE. Don't know if I explained that very well.....
  11. by   JacqueOCS
    WOW, 2 1/2 days of testing.............that'd do me in ! YOu explained it wonderfully, thanks for your time.
  12. by   angelbear
    There are also CPNE workshops you can attend to help you prepare. They are very helpful and well worth the money from what I am told.
  13. by   niteshiftnurse
    are the answers on the practice tests so you know what you got right or wrong