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Hello everyone....I am currently studying for my final exam for the ADN program (nursing concepts6) and am wondering if anyone can give me any tips/information about the CPNE....what places are... Read More

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    I have been an LPN for three years. I have all of my prereqs done except Microbiology. My anatomy transfers to Excelsior from LPN school. I want to do Excelsior, I am just confused as to how to even begin the process, and how to do it in the least expensive manner.
    Did you already submit your application to EC? If so, they should be able to tell you which classes you need to do. I would start with the first nursing exam (Essentials of Nursing Care: Health Safety) and go from there. Download the free exam content guide from the EC publications site and pick your study materials -- textbooks, studygroup101.com notes, etc.
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    Hello. Glad you want to pursue RN. Its really worth it. Set up an online account at www.excelsior.edu There I found phone numbers & message boards to nursing facaulty & much more loads of info. When I was a student, I found that the online conferences & practice exams for the nursing theory exams were a great asset & the best revealed secret to me. I didn't know about them at first until I seen it advertised on Excelsior's website. The online conferences for CPNE and the skills workshop were also very helpful. The content guides with its recommended textbook readings for each exam was my foundation. Excelsior College library at excelsior.edu is also great to view. There are examination resources in there that have nursing articles and journals that helped deepen my understanding. The text books that Excelsior recommended, I found to have a wealth of information and teaching that far exceeded my expectations. "Taylor's Clinical Nursing Skills" & "Brunner and Sudarth's Textbook of Medical Surgical Nursing" are some. They were good references to use even after I started working. As far as what you will learn from Excelsior, it is an excellent nursing program and you will learn a great deal if you follow the advise of your Excelsior advisors & facualty. Not saying that its not ok to use other resources as a supplement. It is good to supplement with other resources. I did. Ofcourse, everyone's experience will be different. But thats what worked for me.
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    Another thing I want to say is that "Brunner and Suddarth's Textbook of Medical Surgical Nursing" has a CD-ROM in it. Please use the NCLEX-RN review questions on there as a supplement to help prepare for Excelsior College's nursing theory exams and the NCLEX-RN. It will open up a new world to you. When I did the readings in the texbooks recommended by Excelsior College along with this and the Excelsior College practice exams and online conferences, I started getting straight As in everything. Call Excelsior College & enquire about these resources. You'll thank yourself many times again later.
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