Excelsior Please help---? for Georgia grads

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    I am new to this. I gradurated from LVN school 3-years-ago in California. I currently live in Georgia. It is very difficult to get into a nursing school(RN) here, and the schools are so far away. I am at a local two- year college finishing my prereq. I heared about Excelsior a couple years ago, and last year I sent in my application and 60 dollars for the application fee, I was accepted. I did not complete the process, because I felt that EC counselors was not helpful when it came to asking more question about the school. They did tell me that I had to pay eight hundred dollars to be admitted. I was concern about this because I did not know much about the school. I also heard from other people that was interested in the program that I could not take the NCLEX in Georgia, because Georgia does not recognize EC. But I can take the NCLEX for another state and transfer it to Geogia. Does anyone know anything about that? I really want to get started ASAP. I will like some reinsurence that many have gradurated from EC AND IT IS NOT A SCAM. And I will like to know exactly what I need to do. The counselor sent me these little booklets and told me to read them.(and than what) Please any assitance will be helpful and appreciated. Thank you
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  3. by   EricJRN
    I graduated from Excelsior and it's not a scam. I'm working in my first-choice specialty. It was a good decision for me.

    Have you sent in the application?
  4. by   studytime
    Thaamk you. I will send in my application.
  5. by   wefdm21
    Please...if there is anyone out there that can clarify this. I'm hearing that the Georgia BON is not allowing nurses to transfer a licensed from another state if you have gotten that license by earning a degree through Excelsior. Is this true? I know that many Georgian nurses have gone this route in the past, but from what I here this is pretty recent. Is there anyone out there who has been successful with this in the past few months? Thank you.
  6. by   EricJRN
    Some states don't license EC grads directly, while a few others make you become licensed in another state, then become licensed in their state by reciprocity. For information on that, it's best to contact the individual state board of nursing.
  7. by   debow261
    hi, i live in florida and i am looking into the excelsior through college network. they tell me it will cost 12,000.00 for the total course? anyone know if this is a fair price? thanks,
  8. by   prrprrmew
    I have done a lot of research and I think the pricing at Excelsior is fair compared to traditional schools. Plus, they don't tack on alot of additional courses that you won't need like some nursing schools will. Also, think of the money you will save on gas, food, etc. not having to travel to school. Good luck!
  9. by   debow261
    did more research and if you bypass college network and go straight to excelsior college you can save $3,000.00. now that will buy alot of books. thanks for everyones info!!
  10. by   dmarie (GA)
    I spoke with GBON today and spoke to two different reps. Both told me the same thing. You graduate from Excelsior, get your license in another state like Tennessee, and then turn around and transfer your license to Georgia through reciprocity. Nothing else is required except for a small fee. This is the process for new grads. If, however, you get licensed in another state, and wait more than 1 year to transfer it to Georgia, you will then be required to show 500 hours of work in the original state.