Excelsior FAQs (work in progress)

  1. Who can apply to Excelsior's ASN program?

    LPN's/LVN's; military service corpsmen; paramedics; individuals who have completed 50% of the clinical credit in another nursing program within five years; and experienced people who hold degrees in clinically-oriented fields and who have had the opportunity to provide direct patient care (PA's, physicians, respiratory therapists, etc).

    Which nursing degrees are offered?

    The ASN is now the only program currently available to non-RN's. The BSN and MSN programs are open to US-licensed RN's. The ASN is the primary topic of discussion on this forum.

    Does my state license Excelsior graduates?

    Most states do, but it's best to check with your board of nursing before applying.

    Is Excelsior accredited?

    Yes. EC is accredited (and was named a 2005-08 Center of Excellence) by the National League for Nursing (NLN). Keep in mind though, that approval from your state board of nursing, not accreditation, is what determines a student's eligibility to take the NCLEX upon graduation.

    How do clinical rotations work?

    As all EC students come from backgrounds in patient care, clinicals are handled by assessment (exam) rather than by rotating through patient care units for a given number of hours. The Clinical Performance in Nursing Examination (CPNE) is a three-day testing session near the end of the program to ensure that the student can function at the level of the novice registered nurse. No clinical instruction is provided at the CPNE. Students who need instruction must obtain it elsewhere.

    Is the CPNE difficult?

    While the CPNE tests basic nursing skills employed by new nurses, it can be intensely stressful given the cost (almost $2000 per attempt), the necessity of making travel arrangements, and the wait times associated with the exam (often six months or more). Pass rates for the CPNE seem to hover between 64% and 68% in recent years.

    Where is the CPNE offered?

    Here is a link that discusses the CPNE and the Regional Performance Assessment Centers (RPAC's):

    Are there any graduates of Excelsior here at Allnurses?

    There are many. Check out this thread:
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