Excelsior Eng Comp vs. College writing

  1. Hi to all, my first post in the Independent Study section, been reading a while but never had anything to say before this:

    I have a question for those of you that used Excelsiors exams to obtain English credit. I am trying to decide which English exam to take. I have read here that the Eng comp exam is tough, you won't know your scores for a while, worth 6 credits, however if you fail it you're out a chunk of change too.

    Anybody take the College writing exam? If you did what did you use to prepare for it, and how did you feel it scored on the difficulty scale as far as gen ed exams went. I think at the moment I'm leaning toward College writing, I don't mind the fewer credits if it's not such a bear to pass.

    Any words of advice from those who have already done either would be much appreciated.

    Thanks to all in advance,

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  3. by   rehab nurse
    hi there

    i didnot end up taking either exam, but going thru one of their real CD rom courses to get credit.
    i did research on each of those exams, though. if you don't need the 6 credits, just take the college writing. once you register for the exam, i believe they still are offering writing tools, and they also help you work on your writing skills.
    they also grade the college writing exam immediately in most cases, so you get the credit faster.

    good luck in whatever you choose.
  4. by   rh39
    rehab nurse,
    Thank you for the input, I think I am leaning toward the college writing, I don't think I could stand the wait for the results. I have taken several essay tests for some college courses, not my favorite kind of test to be sure.

    Thanks again.

  5. by   nurse1717
    Hi Lisa,
    How many credits do you need? I've heard that College Writing is less of a bear than Eng. Composition. It's 3 credits rather than 6 though. I need College Writing too. I'd suggest requesting the study guide from Excelsior for starters. It usually has helpful information. Good luck!
  6. by   rh39

    I have Micro (local university), Intro to Psych, and Human Growth and Development (CLEP) out of the way (I am hoping they will all transfer in), so I still have a ways to go. I am going to take the Dantes World Religion and Ethics in America exams for my humanities requirement. I emailed them and was told they do accept those exams.

    I would rather do that than try and get 6 credits from 1 difficult (so I hear) English comp course, and no way do I wanna wait weeks to find out if I passed. At the moment I am really wishing I had taken that English course with my micro.

    I ran across a course study guide when I was looking at the textbook list for another course, and I was wondering if anyone found them useful. I can't remember which course now, but the cost was about $50.00. I am planning on taking Eng a bit down the road. Right now I am working on A& P, and the 2 Dantes exams.

  7. by   nursesherry
    I am getting ready to take the College Writing exam myself. If anyone has any advice on preparing it would be greatly appreciated.
  8. by   magnoliasouth
    First post and this might be the wrong place to ask, but I'm curious about this and since the comp vs writing has come up, I figure I may as well ask here.

    Does anyone know if you can CLEP the English Comp instead of taking either Excelsior exam? Is that any easier? As I've read this forum, I see that many like CLEPs better. I just want to be sure that the CLEP will actually count toward the ASN at Excelsior.
  9. by   rehab nurse
    unless things have changed very recently, CLEP english can be used towards any needed humanities credits but cannot be used to satisfy the written english requirement.
    you need to take either of the english exams offered by excelsior. or you may take one at a local community college, lots of people take it online at their local CC, but if you choose to do that, make sure EC approves it first. no sense on wasting money.

    good luck on what you choose. and like i said to the original poster, EC will give you writing tips, and help you work on your weaknesses once you register for the college writing exam.
  10. by   magnoliasouth
    Quote from rehab nurse
    but cannot be used to satisfy the written english requirement.
    you need to take either of the english exams offered by excelsior.
    Ah; I wondered about that. I have a dear friend who used Excelsior, though not for nursing, who told me this same thing. This is why I asked. Do you happen to know the reason behind this mysterious theirs-only exam? My assumption has been that it is because they want you to try their exams, as a taste, just to see if you want to continue with theirs, but that could be a far cry from reality.

    The reason I thought that perhaps this had changed was because of the newly required "Informational Literacy" which they say has to be theirs as well. I thought perhaps since they added a new theirs-only exam that the other one (English Comp) wouldn't have to be. Does that make sense?