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  1. hi, i just want to ask your help if anyone of you heard or went to the above online school for nursing. They have an LPN to RN fast track program for 9 months and although im a nursing student (finished 50%), i can qualify. Thing is, imy hubby is skeptical about online programs and i need some reassurance from anyone of you who went into the same program

    thanks a lot
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  3. by   KolkataMomRN
    I am currently enrolled in the Excelsior program. I have the weekend clinical to pass and obtain 6 humanities credits to graduate. Then I can sit for the state board.

    My hubby was skeptical, but I personally know someone that graduated from this program and worked as an RN.

    FYI, you do NOT have to go through Rue to graduate from Excelsior College. Also, it is harder than traditional programs, as you have to learn on your own. It can be hard staying motivated to study, since you do not have to attend class or clinical. Yet for individuals with families, it can be helpful, due to making your own study schedule. The weekend clinical test is hard but it can be done. You have to manage your stress and do things "The Excelsior Way"....... There are workshops available that can help you prepare for the weekend, which helps a lot of students.
  4. by   James Huffman
    I graduated from Excelsior (then Regents) in 1980. The program is hard (I already had a college degree at that point) but prepares the graduate well for nursing practice. It requires self-motivation, discipline, and a lot of hard work. But I can highly recommend it.

    Jim Huffman, RN

  5. by   Agnus
    By fininshing 50% I assume you mean 50% of the clinicals, because THAT is what would qualify you for entry into Excellsior. My guess is that you must have passed that much in your current program not just attended.

    Forget Rue. Excellsior is where you need to inquire. Rue is a publishing company who wants to sell you books and study guides at a higher cost than you can get by going directly to Excellsior College. There is no advantage what so ever in using Rue.

    Excellsior is not an on line program. It is not a nine 9mo. program. You have been listening to Rue adds. (You study at your own pace not even Rue can change that fact.)

    At excellsoir there is no instruction you must study on your own. Excellsior tells you exactly what you need to study and know. You get a blueprint of the exam. You take exams to meed the nursing requirement. Even the clinical requirement is met by taking an onsite weekend performance exam in a hospital.

    You MUST be very sself directed motivated and have excellent study habits along with the ability and know how to find your own learnd experiences. Excellsior College will provide you with support plus the ability to talk and share with other excellsior students.

    It is VERY challenging it is more Challenging that the nursing program you were in. I am in the BSN program. I highly recomend it. Excellsior is recognized by every state Board. Do NOT make a mistake in thinking this is a short cut or a fast tract. It is not. Those who TRY to fly through do not make it. And it ends up being a costly mistake for them.

    www.excelsior.edu is the web site. Phone toll free 1-888-647-2388. Write Excelsior Colege, 7 Columbia Circle, Albany, NY 12203-5159.
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  6. by   JonRN
    I graduated from Excelsior in the first class (1975). It was Regent's then, like James said. It was difficult but I did well. Had a long and varied career after that. Now retired and loving every minute of it. Had a very good background, was an LPN/medic in the military, everyone knows how they teach you in there. You learn or you go to the infantry, your choice.
  7. by   paula77720
    Thanks for the reply, that really helps me. decide. By the way, how long did you finish the AS or BSN program and how much?

    thanks again
  8. by   Agnus
    The time is really relative. Let me explain. I have taken time off periodically to do other things. I have been interupted while preparing for exams so you really can't measure it. Sometimes te breaks and interuption have actually enhance my learning.

    I really postphone taking an exam until I am very confident that I can get an A. perhaps I'd have gotten the A if I took it sooner but I want to feel sure.

    Some exams I have studied longer for than others simply because the material was harder for me.

    This is what is nice about this program I deside when I am ready to test out.

    Rue called me the other night and asked me how long I was studying each exam. I told them it varied and I've taken time off so a number could not be put on it but that I have gotten all A's. They asked about costs of books telling me what it cost for each of thier exam study packages. I did not have an exact number but I knew It was nothing close to what they quoted me. Sorry I don't reacall their cost. Don't recall because I didn't care; so no reason to remember.
    Anyway they volunteered that they would take me off thier calling list as they saw that there was nothing they could offer me that would be any better.

    Cost is relative as well (sorry) it depends. For example you likely already have many uptodate textbooks. Though you may not have exactly some of the ones they recomend the material will basicly be the same. Med / Surg text books are med surg. OB is OB etc. There may be a couple of specific ones you don't have like for the leadership type exam but you probably dont need to spend a lot more here than you already have. You probably can use a college library as well so that will help.
    Excelsior has an on line library.
    There are the general Education requirements that you can meet by transfering course credits, taking exams or taking correspondence or on line classes. If you are half way through your nursing program then you are probably unlikely to need a lot of these. So COST is VERY individual.
    Contact Excelsior for more specific info. At the very least request their Nursing catalog.
  9. by   paula77720
    thanks Agnus, that was very informative. All along i was thinking of Rue ed. So i appreciate you taking time to explain everything.

    Heres another question. Are you taking BSN or AS? Did you already have a bachelors degree from other major? What subject are you currently taking? Granting you are really motivated and have discipline, how long do you finish a particular subject, say Med Surg? I know time is relative but i just want to have an idea.

    thanks again
  10. by   jude11142
    Originally posted by paula77720
    thanks Agnus, that was very informative. All along i was thinking of Rue ed. So i appreciate you taking time to explain everything.

    Heres another question. Are you taking BSN or AS? Did you already have a bachelors degree from other major? What subject are you currently taking? Granting you are really motivated and have discipline, how long do you finish a particular subject, say Med Surg? I know time is relative but i just want to have an idea.

    thanks again

    I am enrolled with Excelsior and I am getting ready to take my first exam. I know several nurses that went through excelsior to get their bsn and were pleased with their program. I talked to an advisor and was told that most go for their associates first and they didn't recommend going straight for bsn. I am an LPN, working full-time, so for me this works well. Like others have said though, this is not an easy program. You have to be motivated because you are on your own. There is no deadline, no scheduled exams, no classes that you must go to etc..........I can't wait to get my first exam(course)done with. That way, I think I will have a better idea on how this all works.
    BTW, my hubby was pretty skeptical too, but he better understands how this works now. I have found the advisors at excelsior to be very helpful and they go out of their way to explain things to you. So, good luck.

  11. by   paula77720
    Hi Jude,

    im going to talk to Excelsior tomorrow, thanks for the input.

    Please keep in touch after your first test... Goodluck

  12. by   Agnus
    Jude, the first exam is the scarriest. After two exams I knew how the tests worked and I knew just about exactly what to expect for questions.

    It is a little like NCLEX sometimes it seems like the question is testing you on one thing and is really getting at something else. Just read them carefully, allow yourself the whole time even though your won't likely take the whole time.

    On about my 3rd or 4th exam I promised to go to work by a certain time after the exam. I always never took more than 1 and half hours so I was going back to work after 2 and half hours.
    I rushed through this should have been an easy exam. I did not recheck my answers. I did not read carefully and got my only B. I did not do that on the next exam and still fininshed in under 2 hours but got my usual A. this was a harder subject for me too.

    The good thing is you know your test results before you leave the test site. So you can go celebrate right after. How great is that?

    That remindes me I've got to schedule my next exam.
  13. by   paula77720
    Hi Agnus,

    Just curious, what nursing concept or test number are you taking right now and how long have you been doing this since enrollment.

  14. by   Agnus
    I'm working on Management in Nursing.
    I have yet to take Research in nursing. Then I also still must do the teaching one, the assessment, the member of the profession, and the final one at the end (sorry I can't think what it is called) I also have to do ethics and expository writing.
    I enrolled December last year.

    I will probably do the Research next and then the teaching.