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  1. Hi everyone!!! I'm just enrolling in excelsior. Can anyone u has enrolled in excelsior tell me what books I really need in order to study for the exams. Everything seems so confusing. Thank U!!
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  3. by   griffincrew
    Listen, I am using books from The College Network. It gives you all you need consolidated into 1 binder per course. I would not get into anything else with them or a company like RUE or CHANCELOR. I would just purchase each course as needed if you can. This way you are not buying ten books and jumping from one to the other. I heard some people actually sell their books on ebay. What ever works. Just don't get scammed into something with one of these companies that are trying to pretend like they are a school. I have found that the college network books are easiest compared to what other friends are using. I have passed the first three test the first time with all A's and I don't take 16 weeks to do it.
  4. by   bikerlpn07
    Thank U for the info!!
  5. by   SuesquatchRN
    Download the study guide for the class you're taking and there's a list of eight texts used throughout the nursing classes. Then buy then at Half.com. MUCH cheaper.
  6. by   xenogenetic
    I bought both The College Network and Chancellor's versions of the study guides for each test I was about to take off of eBay and it worked out great. You can buy both for about $80-100 for both instead of paying THOUSANDS by enrolling in the actual College Network or Chancellor's program. They'll try to tell you and hard sell you that when you sign up and pay like $400 per study guide that you'll gain the advantage of being able to get telephone assistance at any time but it's not worth it. It's basically all memorization anyway.