Excelsior ? and TCN ?

  1. For those who purchased the TCN modules.....

    So I was doing more reading on the Excelsior site and it states under that Humanities section that I can't use Religions as my credit. So how come TCN gave me the module for World Religions? Is this the same thing?

    Also, through Excelsior the portion of Information Literacy course, what can I substitute that is equivalent with out taking that 8 week long course online?

    Thank, Lisa
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  3. by   SLCRN
    Hi Lisa,
    go to distance learning & look for the thread that says EC Info lit, we had a discussion about the Penn Foster course that some of us took, me just 2 weeks ago, & its only $90.00 & accepted by Excelsior, if you still have questions let me know....Sylvia
    P.S> its at the bottom of this page!!
  4. by   Lisa1980
    How long was the Literacy course through Penn Foster? The 90 is awesome compared to the 300 EC cost.
  5. by   SLCRN
    Yes quite a savings. I called Penn Foster & the acct was opened & online within 24hrs. Approval from Excelsior took 24hrs & Penn Foster mails you a study guide which is exactly whats contained in the online course within 3-4 business days in case you don't have access to a computer, you can mail the test in. VERRY quick & easy! Penn Foster mailed my transript to Excelsior 4/29 & my transcript was upgraded & done on 5/4!
  6. by   Lisa1980
    Thanks bunches!!!!