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Hi I am starting Excelsior LVN to RN today. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions because I am scared it is going to be too hard to accomplish. All I have ot take is 7 classes and the... Read More

  1. by   LPN_2005/RN_10
    Yeah, at first I heard Excelsior's dvd had alot of mistakes, but some students said they've watched only that dvd alot and passed because of it. But, I ordered it from Ebay already at 1/2 the original price. But it'll still be a good thing to learn the format of the CPNE to ease some of my anxiety.

    Quote from NC Girl RN
    Use the Excelsior DVD as a guide. The DVD itself is filled with mistakes(something like 60). Its just there to show the type of format the CPNE is. I recommend Robs DVD and Lynn Fredricks LAB DVD. I used all three videos and passed in Dec 08 with no repeats.Good Luck in your studies.
  2. by   4YearNurse
    taking Lifespan Development in July...any pointers?