Edukan Microbiology session 2...anyone????/

  1. I'm staring micro with Edukan on Sept 18, session 2 and was just wondering if anybody else is doing that class?
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  3. by   LanaBanana
  4. by   sunny3429
    I am taking the course with Dr.Simmons with you. Have you heard anything
    about his style.

    Thanks, Sunny
  5. by   LanaBanana
    Yes, I took A/P 1 & 2 with him. I have heard that his micro tests are easier than his A&P tests were. Apparantly he has some questions that he puts on his outlines that usually show up on the test. In A&P he also had several of the questions from the end of the chapter that showed up on the tests.
    Are you going to be doing the labs in person or are you doing them somewhere else? I'll be doing them in person - it's about a 4 hour drive for me to get there. My textbook came today. I've already paid for the lab software but haven't downloaded it yet.
  6. by   sunny3429
    Hey Lana,

    I took Anatomy and Physiology I and II from him also. I live in Maryland, therefore, I will be using a local lab. I wonder if it's more time consuming than A&P.

  7. by   LanaBanana
    Well, I got the lab software installed. Haven't looked at the book yet. Guess we'll find out what we've gotten in to on Monday!
  8. by   LanaBanana
    Sunny, have you posted to the discussion yet? Don't forget it's due by tonight for the introduction!
  9. by   fsv1024
    Hi Lana and Sunny- I'm thinking of registering for this microbio course through edukan. Would you mind letting me know what you thought of it? I'm currently entering my second semester of nursing school and its my only outstanding prereq. However, I'm debating taking it during the summer with a full course load already and with Med surg II & Pharm plus the other courses. ... or waiting until the fall when I'm through with those classes. Any advice? Thanks!
  10. by   LanaBanana
    I would recommend it. I feel like I got everything I needed from it. Just remember that he requires 2 trips there for in-person labs. Don't know where you're from, but I drove almost 5 hours for mine I think. If you have someone locally who would cooperate with you and help you do the labs there he will allow that. My local school wouldn't allow that (they wanted my money for taking micro with them.) I don't remember how much time the class actually took me so I can't advise you on when to take it. Good luck with whatever you decide!