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  1. Hi!

    Just wondering if there is anyone in or who has been through the RN-BSN online program through Drexel university? Looking for reviews!

    TIA, Jenn
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  3. by   iShaybie
    Interested as well. I start in two weeks !
  4. by   BSNandThen
    I'm starting my 2nd-to-last quarter in Drexel's online RN-BSN program. My professors have been wonderful, and the classes weren't just the "basket weaving" fluff I worried they'd be. Overall, the courses were interactive. If you're out of state, the price tag can be hefty; $440 per credit if you obtained your ADN from/work for a Drexel University affiliate. Community health was removed from the program earlier this year which was a welcomed surprise. There are 3 writing-intensive courses included in the program, so freshen up on your APA skills and keep your 6th edition APA manual on hand.
    I would definitely recommend Drexel University's online RN-BSN program!