Does UTMB have a online RN-MSN program

  1. i really just want to do it all in one shot but in the end i want to end up at utmb (university of texas medical branch galveston) for my i know they have this option for rn's that have a bsn but do they offer the adn to msn online program. ive been to the website they have the program but i cannot tell it it's online or not....anyone know????
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  3. by   swifty1031
    I am not sure about them either. I have been looking into UTMB, TX Tech and McNeese (Louisiana-I live about 40 miles from there). Have you seen anything about credit transfers, etc. I have some friends that started their FNP at UTMB but dropped due to Hurricane Ike problems. The one that is left said it is ridiculously hard. She has friends going thru the same program at McNeese and her course compared to theirs are insane! I will ask around at work and see if anyone has any info about UTMB.