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    Could someone tell me about the deadline on September 30th for taking the nursing exams? Is it true that if all the nursing exams are not done that we will have to take extra exams.

    Thanks, Tonya
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Assume you are talking about those Excelsior students who were enrolled prior to Oct. 1, 2007. If all of the NC exams are not completed by that date, then these students will have to meet the new requirements. That will mean taking the new tests, including the FCCA, etc. Look on the website for info on this. You really should do everything possible to meet the deadline to save time and money and aggravation.
  4. by   crazywoman
    I dont guess that I will have to worry about this because I just enrolled in May 2009. I was starting to get nervous because I was not sure who it was for . Thanks for the info

    Tonya :spin::spin::spin:
  5. by   Raggedy Ann
    Welcome aboard Tonya. Best of Luck to you! Traci
  6. by   caliotter3
    Yes, this is for students that have been around awhile and have been dragging their feet. You can bet if you stick around long enough to be enrolled during a policy change, that the new rules won't be nicer to work with. Good luck with your program.