Currently LPN- Excelsior and FL- Should I be worried?

  1. I'm currently an LPN who's scared to dump money into this program to have the same thing happen to me (FL rejecting non lpn's for RN licensure). Was there any warning before this happened? Is there a way to find out if there is an issue with LPN's and Excelsior before I begin? I contacted the FL BON and they CURRENTLY accept lpns who complete the program but whose to say they will accept them in a year when I finish the program?!?! It's not liek the person who takes the calls will fight for me in court or anything :-/ There is no promise or guarantee even if you get someone's name.

    Any special rules that I should know of?

    Do we have any rights and does anyone know of any legal battle going on about this (Current LPN to RN)? Do they have to give you notice? I know other states aren't fond of Excelsior and I would HATE to move out of my state because my license isn't accepted. I would go to a local school but their wait lists are too long for me to wait. Thanks for any info.
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    Also, the FL BON says that the LPN program I graduated from needed to have "integrated clinical and theoretic nursing". What the heck is that suppose to mean? If the program was accredited in FL by the state of FL, wouldn't that meet that requirement? Argh- I'm such a worry wart.
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    For your second post, it most likely means, clinical and theory at the same time. If I were you I would begin corresponding with the BON, in letters. That way you'll have everything in writing.

    Specifically ask, if you enroll now, and graduate in a year or two, will you be able to get your license there.

    That way if anything ever comes up you'll have it in writing from an employee of their office, and they are responsible for the actions of their employees while in their professional capacity ( like if a UPS truck hit, you, UPS couldn't say "We won't pay, b/c it was our employee and not us" the FLBON couldn't say " You can't get your license our employee said you could not us", that s IF you GET IT IN WRITING.)
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    I think Nurse2B gave you good advice about getting an approval in writing, however, I would add that you need to get that approval from someone who has the authority to give it, that is, a BON member and not just a secretary, etc. In addition, I should think if you are once given approval the BON in that state cannot withdraw that approval (barring any material change in the program that would cause it to fail to meet the BON requirements) and if they did do so you could probably be "grandfathered' in and your license would probably remain valid in that state. When you send the letter of inquiry to the BON or whomever else (and keep a copy for your records) I would send it certified mail and get a receipt for same.

    Another suggestion would be to contact the appropriate state legislator(s) and pose the question to them and try to get a definitive answer from someone else who may have knowledge and information regarding this matter; again, get it in writing.

    I hope this helps; perhaps others have other suggestions that would be helpful. Let us know what you learn from the BON or others relative to this matter.

  6. by   caliotter3
    In CA when the change was made there was plenty of leadtime and Excelsior kept their students updated about the progress of the issue. When the change became official, those that were currently enrolled as of the cutoff date were grandfathered in, so theoretically, no one was harmed by the timing of the change by the Board. I would assume all states would act in this manner but do not count on it. That is why I advocate that one get in, get it done, and get out, when it comes to Excelsior. There is no telling when a state might decide to give Excelsior grads a hard time. The best way to avoid this dilemma is to not dawdle in the program.