Current Drug Book For Cpne?

  1. Yet another question for you GNs, (CPNE grads).
    What nursing drug book should I take with me to the CPNE? The one I have now is quite outdated. I think Lippencott or Mosby's were some of my favs. Thanks.
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  3. by   RN34TX
    I've always used Davis from LPN school on up (including the CPNE for RN) and still keep a current copy in my locker to this day.

    The others I've used (Mosby, etc.) would frustrate me because they listed the drugs by category (beta blockers, antianxiety, opoid analgesics, etc.) and I like Davis better because it goes alphabetically regardless of what drug category a med in question belongs to.

    The way I saw it, if I'm looking up a med because I don't know it, the chances are good that I most likely won't know what exact drug category it belongs to either, so going alphabetically makes better sense to me than grouping meds by drug category.
  4. by   medicin79
    I'll second that; I used the Davis drug guide during my CPNE.
  5. by   nurse1717
    ok guys. thanks!
  6. by   anticoagulationurse
    I didn't and still don't want to fork out any money for a drug book. I just used the one on the unit during the CPNE (don't know which one!) and at work I look drugs up online...
  7. by   nurse1717
    Hi ACN:
    well, funny, I'm using an old, old Davis drug book at home. at work, i've a palm pilot, but because we're sooo busy, i rarely take it out and use it! my friend uses a tiny, thin drug book (forgot the name). i'm sure it was less xpensive than a palm pilot! i'm thinking of getting that minibook for quick reference at work---we don't have access to desktops there.
    well, i think i'm going to get a newer davis version for the cpne--might even tab some areas for quick reference. hope i can do this. back to studying! many thanks again.