Cheap Online Nutrition...?

  1. Howdy ho

    I'm taking my last pre req (cna cert) this quarter!
    I was told by my school's nursing dept that if I want a better chance of getting into the program that I should finish all co-reqs too.
    The co-ceq that I need is nutrition, unfortunately the class is filled. I'd like to finish the nut class asap m'kay. Can anyone refer me to an online or corespondence nutrition class?
    The cheaper the better
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  3. by   mona b RN
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    try they have a distance learning nutrition class and i think it is around 300.00 for the three credit class.

    good luck
  4. by   plchavard
    I took nutrition online through Rio Salado college. It was a great class and used videos to suppliment the reading. Not sure about the cost. In state it is $55 per credit hour (AZ).