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Hi, I was just accepted to chamberlain for March 2007. I was wondering if anyone else will be starting then? I was also wondering if any of you who started in october would be willing to share your... Read More

  1. by   flowjoe64
    Thanks for your response. WOW, how did you afford their program at 528 a credit hour...that is over 30 grand. The thing that is that they say there are no pre-reqs. Well actually there are quite a few...they just dont call them prereqs. You take 14 courses regardless (give or take a couple that that may take off). Economics, Advanced composition, History, Humanities and 2 algebras etc...WOW I call those pre-reqs. I guess technically they are not prereqs, but you take them as a part of the nursing program. They also say they do not accept everyone..which I find hard to could they turn down over 30 grand...anyway, I have scratched off of my I have heard too many bad things, and it is unbelievably cost prohibitive. The sales person was on the phone with me for over an hour!!! hard sell.
  2. by   Lizzy6
    Quote from flowjoe64
    wow. That is sad....but that is why I asked, I need to know what I am getting into. I asked the "advisor" about the litigation that I heard about, and he denies that there is anything other than the fact that they have the best school around. I can tell its good, because of how expensive it is....528.00 a credit hour. They win for most expensive I have found yet. Okay, thanks for the intel....this is what I need. Oh, and for RN to BSN there are no onsite or local clinicals required at Chamberlain, I am told.
    Yes, you are right about the $529 per cr/hr, expensive!! Also, there isn't any clinicals for the RN-BSN program. They already accepted me, however, I am declining, I am looking at TESC. They are less costly, and they DO NOT have any clincals either. Plus they accepted/applied more classes that I have than Chamberlain did...why would I want to take/pay for any more classes, already have a large stafford loan. Best of luck to you.
  3. by   rnrae
    When I went to Deaconess the tuition was $450/credit. I had student loans that I will be paying for along time! It was all worth it, though.
  4. by   hospicetec
    I'm just trying to warn those of you not to fall into what I did with Chamberlain. After 9 mos of horrific studying, traveling to St Louis for validations, and even being on the dean's list, I was completely withdrawn from the program 'with no options' because there were no clinical placements in my state. They offered me $1,000 to keep my mouth shut! We have filed suit. My lawyer just emailed to tell me that they have 'officially' been served. I had no idea about 'treble' damages. When I saw the amount...I could not believe it! They will get what they deserve.
  5. by   rnrae
    Hospicetec, I'm in TN also.
  6. by   hospicetec
    I'm so happy that you made it through. Just be glad you went when you did. I sure wish I had went earlier.
  7. by   ~KrisC~
    For those of you that have 'left' Chamberlain and recieved their student loan money long did it take to get it all taken care of?

    It has been about 7 weeks since I spoke with Dean L. and Ms. M regarding my options, I haven't gotten any thing about my refund back yet, so I emailed the Dean this week and I have to say I wasn't surprised to find out that Dean L. is no longer at the this point with the rate of turnover I fear that there will be no staff left that I have spoken to and my $7000 federal loan refund will be left hanging.
  8. by   hospicetec
    I'm in the middle of a lawsuit with them......they've paid off some but the loan for my books and I borrowed to come to St Louis for validations.....they are still left hanging right now. I'm contacting the media if they don't settle soon. I'm tired of dealing with these weasles.
  9. by   ~KrisC~ too, everytime you call there is a new staff member, they say one thing and then do another....$528 per credit hour and climbing is an insane amount of money for a teach yourself program.

    I am ready to move on, but entering into another program and asking the government for money when I still 'owe' over $7000 just doesn't sit well with me....

    I wish you the best of luck with what you are doing, and I hope that anyone reading this thread steers clear of this school.
  10. by   labrador4122
    Quote from 2bNurseNik
    Bman, I am not sure about Excelsior's program. With Chamberlain, you take all of your classes on line, even the nursing classes. You must be on campus at the end of each semester for the 4 day skills validation. Here in St louis, I will be able to take clinicals with "on campus" students. If you are out of state, you will need to schedule clinicals (with the help of Chamberlain) with a preceptor at a local hospital. It is a 2 year - 6 semester program.

    :angryfire and, just today, I received a letter that they have raised the tuition by $42/cr hr to improve the program. I have heard that they could really use some much needed improvement but it is getting better - so I've heard.

    Good Luck

    was this program closed??
    I don't see it on their website anymore.

    my friend is looking to get her nursing but she failed at the school where I graduated from my ASN degree (I went to community college)
  11. by   paper1225
    Yes, they have closed the online program-at least out of St.Louis. The last graduating class in the program is about to graduate on Oct 31.........which I am in, and so glad to be done!!!
  12. by   cakesbyjess
    The online ADN program is still available at the Columbus, OH campus, but I believe you have to be an Ohio resident to be in the program.