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Hi, I was just accepted to chamberlain for March 2007. I was wondering if anyone else will be starting then? I was also wondering if any of you who started in october would be willing to share your... Read More

  1. by   hospicetec
    I started in 10/ that when you started? We probably were in some classes together. DeVry (Chamberlain) paid off all my government loans and grants last week. I knew they would have to do that. They certainly didn't want to be in hot water with the Fed. Gov....It's just like I never existed! ..I've just wasted almost a year of my life with them. And lots and lots of anguish. I did well on the tests cause I studied so hard and put my all into it. I spent a lot of $$ to come to St.Louis for validations. I really fell for this program.....hook, line and sinker. I thought I was gonna become a nurse. Do I sound bitter? I guess so. I just want them to pay for what they did. There are others that have been through this too.
  2. by   ~KrisC~
    I started in 10/06 also. I went to St L to practice my skills once in Jan and then in Feb for the Validations. It cost alot more to travel than I originally planned and I ended up borrowing money from family to manage. Gas is so high right now that I know I can't travel to MO weekly to do clinicals and I have a feeling that they will 'offer' that to me as an only option. My state hasn't approved them yet, and it's been several months since the beginning of all of this...hum!?????

    I was prepared to follow suit and withdraw when they put our heads on the chopping block, but at the last minute they approached me with "hey guess what!? We think you can do this in your state after all....!" And I got sucked back in. I figured by now there would a concrete answer as to the final approval, it's been going on 7 months since the start of last spring semester ( and I imagine they knew about all of it then), and at least 4 months since we all got "THE LETTER".

    We all have every right to be bitter, as most of us are adult students trying to balance family, children, jobs, aging parents, finances and TIME to devote to all of the above in ADDITION to studying a very difficult curriculum. My future patients aren't gonna give a rats patoot that my school tried to scr*w me when I was studying their particular illness and that is why I missed something upon assessment...I won't settle for anything less than being the kind of nurse I would want taking care of my family and I hold accountability for that partly with the institution. They owe it to us to make this time in our lives as stress free as possible so that we can focus on what is important and not burden us with all the open ended questions we have found ourselves constantly asking. I don't know how much 'study time' I have devoted to sitting on hold or leaving voicemails or composing emails simply asking "why am I enrolled in a clinical course, when you don't have a contract in place for me?" or "why haven't you faxed the contract to the contact I gave you 2 weeks ago...she's waiting and I now look like an unprofessional idiot-why would they want me at their facility?", or how many hours I have shut myself in my room away from my children so I could digest the copias amounts of material-jiffy quick! only to find out later that I will have to add courses I hadn't planned on, or repeat ones already passed because they made a few changes, or worst yet, may not be able to complete the program at all so I gain nothing as far as security for myself or my family, I have just been robbed of precious time I won't get back!

    As a current student I probably should not be posting any of this, but I researched the school in the beginning and I posted on here when I thought things weren't 'right' research showed me nothing negative, and my posts were pretty much ignored, because obviously there have been some issues for some time. I post this for anyone researching or trying to find need to go into any relationship with this school with your eyes and wallet wide open!

    Decide for yourself what you are willing to put up with, how much time you have to devote to attempts at communication and how valuable is your hard earned dollar?

    For me personally my future in nursing is being based on a prayer that whatever issues are on the table with respective BONs is settled...soon, and that whatever lies in the shadows with CCN fades so that it doesn't alter my creditibility in the field. Silly me, I thought that a future in nursing was based on science, and hard work, and a 'gift' for caring.

    *off my box now*
  3. by   hospicetec
    Well, My attorney says we have a great case. They know they are guilty as sin or they wouldn't have sent me the release to sign and offer of $1,000 compensation. She said that was so sweet of them!
    I contacted several local tv stations and 1 has emailed me back and said it sounds 'interesting'. Anyone else out there who could not complete clinicals with Chamberlain, please let us know. I've talked to several already. Thanks
  4. by   ~KrisC~
    I would be interested in hearing from others and what state you are from. I have tried to find someone else in Indiana (CCN claims that there is a current student doing very well from Indianapolis-but won't contact them on my behalf, even for a study buddy). The info and support in the forum is wonderful, think what we could accomplish if there were some local get togethers at Starbucks.....
  5. by   sargentrn

    I was just wondering how the portfolio experience was. I'm in my 4th class through Chamberlain. I've been an ICU nurse for 15yrs and have chg, preceptor and committe experience. Is this the type of criteria they are looking for? I don't know if it's worth going through the process. How was it for you? We're you able to get out of all of the clinicals?
    Thanks, Tracey
  6. by   cakesbyjess
    Quote from lovey2007

    I was just curious to see if anyone was attending Chamberlain in OH? Everyone seems to be from Missouri, and I wondered how the program at the new campus/online program in Columbus was going for those living in Ohio.

    Your responses are appreciated!!

    BTW, I applied for the October 2007 semester, anyone else?
    Hi! I live in Columbus and started the On Campus BSN program at Chamberlain (Columbus) in July of this year. I am almost done with my first semester, and I can't say enough good things about Chamberlain. I am so surprised to see all of the problems people have had with the school, because I have been extremely impressed so far. From what I can tell, the people having trouble with Chamberlain are doing the online ASN program ... is that correct? I'm hoping that I won't encounter any of those issues while I'm at Chamberlain. I have been very happy with the instructors and the small class sizes, and my advisor has been very good about getting back to me right away. Did you get accepted for Fall Semester?
  7. by   hospicetec
    Anyone else out there who was unwillingly "withdrawn" from Chamberlain? My lawsuit gets filed on Mon.15th. I've got 2 lawyers in on it now. It's not costing me a dime. They know we've got a tremendous case and they get 1/3 of damages. I just wondered how many others were affected? My case may help yours. If we can prove they knew clinicals could not be done when they 'sold' the program to me.......we can get mega damages. Please contact me if you are in the same boat! Thanks
  8. by   pedsnurze1
    Quote from jamieedwardsusa
    I am nearing completion of my RN to BSN at Chamberlain and it has been a very positive experience for me. NOTE: If you have been a nurse for several years you can do what they call a "portfolio" for your clinical classes and not have to do the clinicals. This was a deal sealer for me. I have been able to work full time and still do well in the program, which was a concern for me in the beginning. As far as RN to BSN programs go, I would highly suggest Chamberlain.

    I have found the classes to be interesting and flexible, and most of my instructors have been great. I will finish in June, and wish that they had a Masters program that I could move into, but as of yet they do not.
    Does this include time as an LPN
    Forget about it sounds like a horrible place to invest one of our most valuable assests
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  9. by   nadja9
    Quote from hospicetec
    Anyone else out there who was unwillingly "withdrawn" from Chamberlain? My lawsuit gets filed on Mon.15th. I've got 2 lawyers in on it now. It's not costing me a dime. They know we've got a tremendous case and they get 1/3 of damages. I just wondered how many others were affected? My case may help yours. If we can prove they knew clinicals could not be done when they 'sold' the program to me.......we can get mega damages. Please contact me if you are in the same boat! Thanks
    Hey Hospicetec,

    Let us all know how this is going!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell your lawyers to contact me if you want - I'm what most lawyers consider a "great witness" because of what I do for a living.

    We are getting ready to file ours, too. Our case is a bit different only because, Tenet, not Devry, owned Chamberlain/DCN at the time. The story, however, is the same.

    All the best,

  10. by   flowjoe64
    I just spoke to their advisor...basically I was told they DO NOT EVEN HAVE ANY CLINICALS IN THEIR PROGRAM...and my advisor eluded that perhaps you guys writing about the clinicals are "plants" and actually work for competing schools trying to destroy their good reputation.
    Any takers on this??? I mean we have no way of knowing who is an actual student, and who is a scammer working for the competition. Online schooling is BIG BUSINESS ya know.
  11. by   rnrae
    What? How can a nursing program not have any clinicals??? As far as "plants" in this thread, I highly doubt it. As it stands now, they do have a bad reputation. They have caused people to lose alot of money and time. By telling you that, they're just trying to save face.
  12. by   flowjoe64
    wow. That is sad....but that is why I asked, I need to know what I am getting into. I asked the "advisor" about the litigation that I heard about, and he denies that there is anything other than the fact that they have the best school around. I can tell its good, because of how expensive it is....528.00 a credit hour. They win for most expensive I have found yet. Okay, thanks for the intel....this is what I need. Oh, and for RN to BSN there are no onsite or local clinicals required at Chamberlain, I am told.
  13. by   rnrae
    You're right about no clinicals for RN-BSN. Most programs don't have clinicals for that. Whoever you spoke to sounds like a real salesperson. They're trying to move on and forget about all the problems they inherited from Deaconess.

    I graduated from the online program at Deaconess in '05 and thankfully had no problems with them.