Capella RN-BSN Flexpath-My experience

  1. When I was researching RN-BSN online programs there was very little info about Capella's RN-BSN Flexpath program. It just started in Jan 2016. So, I thought I would share my experience with the program for others who are researching now that I'm finished.

    Why I choose it-As an Excelsior ADN graduate I did not have labs with my Micro and A&P so I would have to take these over with many of the schools. I did not have to with Capella. How their program works for pre-reqs is cores. So, they have a math/science core, humanities core etc. They don't require specific courses, just enough credits in each core. So, I only needed one more course in Humanities to fulfil all the cores. I also did not choose the local college because they required a language, history etc. With Capella, I only needed the 11 Nursing courses and Ethics. I took Bio-Ethics, which I thought was fairly easy and interesting.

    Cost-I finished the program in 48 weeks, so I paid a total of $10,000. You pay $2500 every 12 weeks. They do not charge a graduation fee, etc. I finished a course every three to four weeks. I worked part-time mostly, except for six weeks of orientation at a new job and I also moved twice in that time period.

    Pros-NO DISCUSSION BOARDS-I really disliked discussions boards with Excelsior. I thought they were a waste of time and stressed me out trying to get to them on time. With Capella Flexpath you only write papers/powerpoints. They tell you exactly what content they are looking for. Most courses were four papers/powerpoints, one was six and some were five. Each paper is usually 3-4 pages long, with a few longer. The program is completely self-paced. They want something submitted every week, but if you can't you just explain why and submit that.

    Cons-Sometimes the required content was vague or I didn't understand exactly what they were asking, they have tutors, but I found I had already moved on by time they answered my questions. But you have three opportunities to improve your paper, so it wasn't really an issue. Most times my papers had APA issues, not content issues. I received a 4.0.

    I hope this helps. I know a lot of people go with WGU, which is similar. However, at the time they were not accepting North Carolina students, and I would have had to take the science courses over due to labs.
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  3. by   Koroll
    Hello DeLynn. I am an RN for 30 years now, and my Hospital is requiring us to have BSN by 2020. Me and another nurse I work with are looking at on line schools. There are so many! I liked Capella because of the self paced, no discussion boards and no chemistry, stats or foreign language. However it seems like there are sooo many bad reviews! Do you recommend it? It seems the most doable to me. WGU wants me to repeat A&P and I already did it. I don't want their chemistry either. Why so many bad reviews on capella though??? Can you advise? Appreciate your input.

    Thank you
  4. by   DeLynn
    I haven't seen a lot of bad reviews for Capella?? I do remember seeing some low reviews for their PHD programs, but not for Nursing. I thought it was a great, quick program for BSN, I finished in 11 months. The Flexpath just started a year and a half ago, which is very different from the traditional BSN. I also did not want to repeat A&P and Micro.
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  5. by   Koroll
    So, would you do it over again if you were just starting? There are a lot of bad reviews but not for the flex path.
  6. by   GermanCookie
    This sounds great- is there a catch?
  7. by   Quintesca
    Thanks for sharing your experience! What was your total cost of the 11 months that you were in the program?
  8. by   Koroll
    It's 2400 for 12 weeks increments. Do as many as you can in 12 weeks. Most do about 4 classes in 12 weeks. But you can do more.
  9. by   DeLynn
    Quote from Koroll
    So, would you do it over again if you were just starting? There are a lot of bad reviews but not for the flex path.
    Yes, I would do this program again. I liked the format much better than Excelsior. It cost me $10,000 total. It took me 48 weeks, four terms of 12 weeks, each 12 weeks is $2500. I averaged one course every 4 weeks. No extra costs involved.
  10. by   Koroll
    Thank you very much for your help and input. Me and another nurse colleague are in the enrollment process. We should start July 7th. I'm doing Humanities with their sister school Sophia. And will start Orientation for Capella in June.
  11. by   Koroll
    With our Hospital Tampa General we get 10% off too at Capella. So it's even better.
  12. by   DeLynn
    Quote from Koroll
    With our Hospital Tampa General we get 10% off too at Capella. So it's even better.
    And through 2017 the education tax credit is good for a first four year degree!
  13. by   DeLynn
    Actually, it took me 48 weeks to do 12 courses, not 11, I had to take Bio Ethics also.
  14. by   pmabraham
    Good day, DeLynn:

    Was there any group projects?
    What was your hardest class? What made it difficult?

    Thank you.