Associates or BSN? Help!

  1. Hi all,
    I am new to the nursing community. I have made the decision to transition out of teaching into nursing, and my family and I are ecstatic. My question is, how do working adults earn their BSN? I've got a family and a mortgage and need to work while in school. I have found a couple of online schools that offer clinicals on the weekends, which is great. But there are only a few... I have noticed there are TONS of RN to BSN programs available online, but very few BSN programs for non-nurses. I will apply to the few schools that work, but I am wondering if earning an associates, passing the NCLEX, and then getting my RN to BSN online should be my fallback option in case I am not accepted by the BSN programs? I already have my MA so I'd opt to not get my associates if I don't have to! Any insight is highly appreciated as I work through this... Thanks!
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  3. by   Flames9_RN
    As time goes on you are finding more online options for the theory classes. I know my ADN program started doing that in 2008...of course the issue for many that work, is the clinical and lab portion as they are often Mon thru Fri but some do offer weekends. 1 benefit of obtaining ur ADN first, then going RN to BSN is that many employers offer tuition assistance. Another reason why u see so many RN to BSN programs is that there is no clinical/lab portion..pretty much centers on writing papers. Some also say in some areas many hospitals are not hiring ADN new grads, no clue on how much truth to that is. I think ones life experiences do help out a great deal, I know it did in my case when I got hired on as a ADN.. I was in my mid 30s.....Just need to find one that is best suited to ur liefestyle.... Good luck
  4. by   TruvyNurse
    I highly recommend getting an ADN first. Then do a RN to BSN online. You will save money and there is always the possibility of tuition assistance. You can also work as an RN while you work towards the BSN. Good luck