Are you having trouble finding a clinical site for Deaconess

  1. I tried calling some of my local hospitals and they act like I'm speaking in a foreign tongue when I ask about setting up some clinicals for Deaconess if I apply and I am accepted. Has anyone one else had trouble trying to get their clinicals set up?????
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  3. by   mona b RN
    I was also considering Deaconess and I started to make calls to find a hospital that was willing to let me do clinicals. Many people were giving me "opinions" on the nursing program itself. Some people just have a hard time thinking "outside of the box". Out of about five people I spoke to regarding this, only one was receptive to the concept of the DL program. Some people just can't see any way but the traditional way. I think it comes down to the almighty buck and liability. Just trying to explain the program was a challenge so I know what you mean. Were you asking to speak with the nursing education nurse or department? Keep us posted. I am hoping to be accepted into EC's program but if for some reason I am not, Deaconess is my second choice. It still allows for some flexibility and that is what I need.

    Keep us posted.

    mona b
  4. by   szccdw
    Are you currently in the healthcare field? If so in what position? I know that EC will only accept those who already have some healthcare background. I am going to try calling another facility that is like an hour away from my home but is a teaching hospital and see what they say. I'll let you know what happens. good luck to you also
  5. by   magRN
    Another friend/co-worker was having a great deal of difficulty working in here clinicals, this was through Graceland University....But she did it and is now done.

    I'm enrolled in the same program, and took a break after my Mom died...and soon will have the same challenge! My clinicals will be in leadership and PHN...and it's the PHN that will be hard. My friend was able to go to WI through an aquantance of her daughters who is a nurse. I'm hoping to have help from the wife of a RT I work with.

    It seems it's the liability that holds others back. I'll go on...gone too far, invested too much money to stop now...but I'm having trouble keeping myself motivated.