Are there any Excelsior students from VA

  1. I was wondering if there are any students who are doing EC from Virginia, especially the Hampton Roads area.
    Hoping to hear.

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  3. by   peachsncrem29
    Hi, Deborah
    I just started using college network/ EC
    I live in norfolk
  4. by   bwalston
    Hi Deborah --

    Not from VA...but I am from neighboring TN...not far from Bristol

    regards --

  5. by   Shae
    Hi Deborah!
    I am from Virginia. I am studying through the Rue study system for Excelsior. I am in my first subject: Nursing Concepts 1.

  6. by   peachsncrem29
    Hi would any of you like to start a study group on line together for distance learning?????????????? I am doing college network at this time.....................for my
  7. by   GbGirl
    Peachsncream, I would be very interested in starting a study group online.
    At the moment I am doing my pre-reqs, and starting off with microbiology. I would appreciate any input in regards to studying. I am just going through EC so I only have their study guide to work with. I am having trouble knowing exactly what to study, even though I am following their guidelines.
    I have been wondering about going through Rue or Chancellors, as I was thinking that maybe they are more structured. I would appreciate any input on that topic too.

  8. by   peachsncrem29
    GBgirl HI, next to hear from you
    Well thats sounds good
    I am going through college network right now im starting with psychology and life span,
  9. by   Shae
    Sure thing on the study group here. I would appreciate you letting me know. Good luck to all.
    I am studying for my RN through Rue, but I am sure we can all be of help to eachother regardless of program provider. Contact me anytime.
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