any good online A&P or Chem classes.

  1. I need to take A&PII and Chem. I would like to take the A&PII online but I can't find any places to take it. Does anyone know of any good places to take it online that most colleges will accept. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   NurseDiva04 The home college I am going through is Community College of Denver, I am taking A&P I, Microbiology, Ethics this semester and I really like it and doing well. I am taking A&P II & Nutrition during the summer for 10 weeks. No app fee. You will need to send transcript to show you had A&P I.
  4. by   klone - they offer both A&P and Chem, but you cannot take the Chem unless you're in-state.
  5. by   aim928 is another one.