Any Excelsior Students in Iowa or Illinois

  1. hello everyone,
    I am a LPN for 5 years now working on a rehab floor. With this in mind, have decided to get my RN. I have look through Traditional nursing programs, but decided to get my RN through excelsior. I would like to know if there any students in Iowa or Illinois who are also doing this. Would not mind having a person to speak with for study purposes. Presently working on the Health Safety course right now. Feel free to email or leave a message on here.

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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    I'm not from either of those states, but you might want to check on being able to work as an RN in Illinois if you're an EC grad ... you have to have 2 years of RN experience to endorse in to Illinois, I believe.
  4. by   Baloney Amputation
    Oh my gosh...I thought I'd faint when I saw the word "IOWA" in the title. I am indeed an Iowan. I am awaiting my CPNE date. For the record, Lunah is correct on Illinois licensure, though you could work in a federal facility in Illinois for the two years with an Iowa (or whatever state) license. Iowa is good with EC, since their policy is that of accepting nursing programs that are accepted in other states.

    So.....where are you from? I'm near Ottumwa currently, but I spent most of my life living in the "armpit of Iowa," which is very, very close to Illinois.
  5. by   Pixie.RN
    Quote from applescruffette
    Oh my gosh...I thought I'd faint when I saw the word "IOWA" in the title.
    Hee! I was waiting for you to see this post.
  6. by   IA_MEDIC2bRN
    Also from Iowa. Currently a paramedic - looking down the road for some career stability.

    Currently 1/2 way done. A&P, NC1, 2, 3, Ethics done. NC 4-7 and micro left.
  7. by   natalio
    I live in the Quad Cities. So since I am near, I will test in Iowa. Feel free to contact me with your experiences with Excelsior.